Prague Castle

Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral are the dominant features of Prague’s skyline (there are no skyscrapers in Prague city centre). Prague Castle used to be the seat of Czech Kings and today it is the seat of the Czech President. St. Vitus Cathedral is the seat of the Archbishop of Prague and the most important church in Bohemia.


The area surrounding Prague Castle is called Hradcany, which could be translated as Castle Town or Castle Quarter. Like Prague Castle itself, Hradcany is one of the oldest parts of Prague (the origin dates back to 10th century). You will find many historical houses and palaces in Hradcany.

Lesser Quarter

The district neighbouring to Hradcany on the same side of the Vltava River is Lesser Quarter (Mala Strana). It is roughly as old as Hradcany and has similar character. Many of the historical palaces in Hradcany and Lesser Quarter have administrative purposes in these days. Offices of the Czech government or Czech parliament are located in these areas.

Charles Bridge

Prague Castle, Hradcany, and Lesser Quarter are connected to Prague Old Town (on the other side of the Vltava River) by the Charles Bridge, the famous stone bridge with statues.