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Hotels on UK Motorways

The following are hotel guides to UK motorways, recommending the most conveniently hotels – directly at service stations or just off motorway junctions – and their strengths and weaknesses – which have free parking, which [more…]

Cardiff Bus Station

This page provides basic information and directions for Cardiff Central Bus Station, the main bus and coach terminal in Cardiff, Wales, adjacent to Cardiff Central Railway Station. Alternatively, you can specify destination and select your [more…]

Oxford Bus Station (Gloucester Green)

Gloucester Green is the main bus station for Oxford, England. Buses by National Express, Stagecoach Oxford, and Oxford Bus Company (Oxford Express) call at this station. This page provides basic information and directions. Alternatively, you [more…]

Southampton Coach Station

Southampton Coach Station is the main long distance coach (bus) station in Southampton, England. It is situated near the Central Train Station in Southampton city centre. On this page you can find basic information about [more…]