Warsaw Metro

Warsaw has a relatively small and young metro network, compared to most other European capitals. The underground system consists of two lines, with the second opened only in 2015.

The first line (M1) runs approximately north-south and connects Warsaw city centre with densely populated residential districts in the north and south. The terminal stations are Mlociny and Kabaty. The first part of this line was opened in 1995.

The second line (M2) runs approximately east-west, so the entire Warsaw metro network makes a kind of cross on the map. Coincidentally, the interchange station’s name is Swietokrzyska, which means Holy Cross Street / Station in Polish.

Metro Station Design

This is the typical looks of metro stations in Warsaw – this one is Pole Mokotowskie:

Warsaw metro station (Pole Mokotowskie)

Mlociny and Kabaty are the two terminal stations of the first Warsaw metro line.

All Warsaw Metro Stations

Line M1

  • Mlociny
  • Wawrzyszew
  • Stare Bielany
  • Slodowiec
  • Marymont
  • Plac Wilsona
  • Dworzec Gdanski
  • Muranow (planned)
  • Ratusz Arsenal
  • Swietokrzyska – change to M2
  • Centrum
  • Plac Konstytucji (planned)
  • Politechnika
  • Pole Mokotowskie
  • Raclawicka
  • Wierzbno
  • Wilanowska
  • Sluzew
  • Ursynow
  • Stoklosy
  • Imielin
  • Natolin
  • Kabaty

Line M2

  • Ksiecia Janusza (planned)
  • Moczydlo (planned)
  • Wolska (planned)
  • Rondo Daszynskiego
  • Rondo ONZ
  • Swietokrzyska – change to M1
  • Nowy Swiat-Uniwersytet
  • Centrum Nauki Kopernik
  • Stadion Narodowy
  • Dworzec Wilenski
  • Szwedzka (planned)
  • Targowek (planned)
  • Trocka (planned)