Aleja Solidarnosci

Aleja Solidarnosci is a big and long street in Warsaw, running in the west-southwest to east-northeast direction from Wola to Praga Polnoc. Among Warsaw streets, it is quite rare in the sense that the street has the same name on both sides of the Vistula River.

Aleja Solidarnosci West of Vistula

Aleja Solidarnosci starts at the junction of Wolska and Mlynarska streets in Wola (it continues in the same direction as Wolska). After about 500 metres it crosses Okopowa Street and after another 1.2km it crosses Aleja Jana Pawla II. Then it arrives at Plac Bankowy (Bank Square) and enters its most interesting section, where it passes by several monuments and landmarks, including the Museum of Independence, Warsaw Nike Monument, and Warsaw Royal Castle. In this area, Aleja Solidarnosci goes through a short tunnel under Krakowskie Przedmiescie and Plac Zamkowy.

There are trams along the whole Aleja Solidarnosci on the west bank. Ordered from west to east, the tram stops are: DT Wola, Okopowa, Wola-Ratusz, Kino Femina, Metro Ratusz Arsenal (metro station), and Stare Miasto.

Aleja Solidarnosci East of Vistula

Aleja Solidarnosci crosses the Vistula River on Slasko-Dabrowski Bridge. On the east bank it continues in roughly the same direction. It passes by a huge park and St. Florian’s Cathedral. Then it goes through Plac Wilenski. Aleja Solidarnosci ends at its junction with Naczelnikowska Street. After that junction the street continues under a different name (Radzyminska).