Breclav Basic Information

Breclav is a town in South Moravian Region, south of Brno and very close to the border with Austria and Slovakia. The Dyje (Thaya) River flows through the centre of Breclav and enters the Morava River a few kilometres downstream. The confluence marks the point where the borders of the three countries meet.

The population of Breclav is about 25,000. The town is the capital of Breclav District.

Breclav Attractions and Surroundings

There are several historical sights in Breclav and even more attractions in its surroundings – especially UNESCO World Heritage Site Lednice-Valtice Area, with two castles and a (really) large park with several other monuments, including even a minaret.

Some other parts of the landscape around Breclav – the area’s name is Palava – are also protected as biosphere reserve by UNESCO and Czech authorities.

The area around Breclav has the warmest climate in the Czech Republic and it is a renowned wine producing region.

Getting to Breclav

From almost all parts of the Czech Republic you can get to Breclav by highway D2 from Brno. The exit (km 48) to Breclav is the last exit before the Slovak border. From some parts of Moravia (especially the towns on the lower Morava River) you can get to Breclav by road I/55.

Breclav is one of the most important railway junctions in the Czech Republic. Major rail corridors from 4 directions meet here – from Brno, Prerov, Bratislava, and Vienna. Because Breclav is the last city before the border, practically all trains stop here.