Invalidovna is a historical building in Prague Karlín district close to a metro station with the same name. Though much less known than some other Prague landmarks, it is a very valuable historical building (actually a complex of buildings).

It was built in the second half of the 18th century, inspired by the better known “Invalidovna” – Les Invalides in Paris. The architects were Josef Emanuel Fischer of Erlach and Kilian Ignaz Dientzenhofer. Originally, Invalidovna was planned to house as many as 4,000 war invalids and their families, but only a fraction of the original project was eventually built.

Central Military Archive

In the 20th century Invalidovna was transformed into the main building of Central Military Archive (Vojenský ústřední archiv). In 2002 it was heavily damaged by the great Prague flood and big parts of the archived materials were destroyed. Invalidovna underwent an extensive reconstruction in the recent years and it is planned that it will change its role again – most likely it will be used by Prague Charles University in the future.

Invalidovna Location and Directions

Invalidovna is located in the district of Karlín, on the way from Florenc to Palmovka (Invalidovna station is two stops from Florenc).

Invalidovna is adjacent to Sokolovká Street (the street with trams) and Kaizlovy Sady park.