Plac Teatralny

Plac Teatralny (Theatre Square) is a square in Warsaw city centre, not far from Plac Zamkowy (Castle Square) – the two squares are directly connected by Senatorska Street. Plac Teatralny is named after the Great Theatre (Teatr Wielki), which occupies the whole south-eastern side of the square.

Important Buildings and Monuments at Plac Teatralny

  • Teatr Wielki – Opera Narodowa (Great Theatre – National Opera)
  • Palac Jablonowskich (Jablonowski Palace)
  • Palac Blanka (Blank Palace)
  • Kosciol sw. Brata Alberta i sw. Andrzeja Apostola (Saints Albert and Andrew Church)
  • Poludnik Warszawski (Warsaw Meridian)

How to Get to Plac Teatralny

Streets that meet at Plac Teatralny include Senatorska, Nowy Przejazd, Jana Moliera, Wierzbowa, and Bielanska.

Plac Teatralny is about 250 metres to the south from Aleja Solidarnosci (in the place where Warsaw Nike stands), about 400 metres from Plac Bankowy, and about 300 metres to the west from Krakowskie Przedmiescie.

The nearest metro and tram station is at Plac Bankowy (Ratusz Arsenal / Plac Bankowy). Another nearby tram stop is Stare Miasto near Plac Zamkowy.