Radhusplassen (City Hall Square) is the square between the City Hall (Radhus) and Oslo Harbour.

Radhusplassen in Oslo

Radhusplassen is practically pedestrian only and you won’t find many cars here. There are just tram tracks going through the middle of the square. It is a very people-friendly place and frequently also the site of various events.

View of Radhusplassen from a window of the City Hall:

Radhusplassen as seen from a City Hall window

Radhusplassen and the City Hall as seen from the harbour:

Radhusplassen and Oslo City Hall

Radhusplassen tram stop:

Tram stop at Radhusplassen

The walkway along Oslo Harbour at Radhusplassen:

Walking at Radhusplassen

How to Get to Radhusplassen

The nearest metro stations are Nationaltheatret and Stortinget, both away from the sea, about 5 minutes walk from Radhusplassen.