Sergels Torg

Sergels Torg, named after the sculptor Johan Tobias Sergel, is probably the most important square in central Stockholm and a very busy transport junction. The dominant feature of Sergels Torg is the tall obelisk located in the square’s centre, which is fact serves as a roundabout for car traffic. The official name of the 37 metre high structure Kristall – vertikal accent i glas och stal (which means Crystal – vertical accent in glass and steel).

Sergels Torg Pictures

Sergels Torg and Kristall

Sergels Torg and the Kristall.

Sergels Torg

Sergels Torg is a two-level square. This is the pedestrian-only bottom level.

Sergels Torg

There is a pedestrian underpass at Sergels Torg, so you don’t need to cross the streets with cars.

Sergels Torg, the beginning of Hamngatan

This is the eastern end of Sergels Torg where Hamngatan starts. Hamngatan is one of the best known streets in Stockholm, famous mainly for its department stores and shops. Hamngatan runs from Sergels Torg towards the east and ends at another major square, Nybroplan.