Ayagaures is a small town and valley in south Gran Canaria, close to Maspalomas. The place is popular for hiking and is a nice day trip from Maspalomas or Playa del Inglés – best done as a circular drive using roads GC-503 (on top of a mountain range) and GC-504 (down in the valley). This trip is about 30 km in total, with lots of serpentines and beautiful views. The roads are also very popular for cycling.

The name Ayagaures may actually relate to the following:

  • The villages – Ayagaures and Ayagaures de Abajo
  • The valley – Barranco de Ayagaures
  • Ayagaures dam – Presa de Ayagaures

On this picture you can see them all: Barranco de Ayagaures (the valley), Ayagaures and Ayagaures de Abajo (the villages) and Presa de Ayagaures (the dam). The picture was taken from road GC-503, which goes from Maspalomas to Ayagaures on the top of the mountain range that forms the western border of the valley.

Barranco de Ayagaures (Valley)

Barranco de Ayagaures is a deep valley running from the coast near Maspalomas and Playa del Inglés approximately 12-15 km inlands (to the north). It is a perfect example of south Gran Canaria landscape: steep cliffs, deep ravines, white houses and arid vegetation.

The bottom end of Barranco de Ayagaures near Maspalomas:

Barranco de Ayagaures end near Maspalomas

In the middle of the above picture (the place with lots of trees) you can see Aqualand Maspalomas.

The next photo is looking from road GC-503 over Barranco de Ayagaures towards the inlands of Gran Canaria:

Barranco de Ayagaures

Barranco de Ayagaures, looking towards the coast, with Playa del Inglés in the background:

Barranco de Ayagaures and Playa del Inglés

Road GC-503 on a cliff above Barranco de Ayagaures:

Barranco de Ayagaures, road GC-503 on a cliff

The serpentines take the road down to the barranco near Ayagaures de Abajo:

Barranco de Ayagaures, serpentines on road GC-503

Ayagaures de Abajo:

Ayagaures de Abajo

One of the numerous side roads in Barranco de Ayagaures:

Barranco de Ayagaures, side road

These roads usually end after just a few metres. The walls of the barranco are too steep for any road to overcome.

Presa de Ayagaures (Dam)

Presa de Ayagaures (Ayagaures Dam) is situated near the upper end of the valley at the point where road GC-503 becomes GC-504 and starts turning back towards to coast. The dam is surrounded by steep mountains:

Presa de Ayagaures

There are actually two dams in Ayagaures – upper and lower. The lower dam is bigger and better accessible. Across the water on the next photo you can see the upper dam.

Presa de Ayagaures, lower and upper dam

This is how you can see Presa de Ayagaures and Barranco de Ayagaures from road GC-503:

Presa de Ayagaures as seen from road GC-503

The small village next to the dam is Ayagaures de Abajo (which means Lower Ayagaures). In the bottom right corner of the next picture you can see the dam.

Ayagaures de Abajo and Presa de Ayagaures dam

There is some kind of terrace garden right next to the dam:

Presa de Ayagaures dam

When stopping in Ayagaures you can take a short walk on the dam:

Presa de Ayagaures - Walking on the dam

The dam is apparently also good for fishing:

Presa de Ayagaures fishing

View of the village (Ayagaures de Abajo) from the dam:

View from Presa de Ayagaures, Ayagaures de Abajo

View from the dam to the south – down the valley towards to coast:

View from Presa de Ayagaures, Barranco de Ayagaures

At the end of this valley, there are Maspalomas and Playa del Inglés (not visible on the picture).

More Ayagaures Photos

Steep walls of Ayagaures Valley:


Inside Barranco de Ayagaures:


Some vegetation:


Yes, there is some green vegetation in the south of Gran Canaria, although it rarely rains here. The place on the photo above is actually very close to Presa de Ayagaures (I took the picture from the dam).

Ayagaures the village:


House on a cliff in Ayagaures – something quite typical for Gran Canaria inlands:


The road throughout the bottom of Ayagaures Valley (GC-504):


Cycling in Ayagaures Valley:


This part of Gran Canaria is a popular cycling destination for both professionals (who train here in winter) and tourists (thanks to the proximity of the tourist resorts, Maspalomas and Playa del Inglés).

Hotels in Ayagaures

Ayagaures is a very small, remote place, some 12-15 km away from the busy tourist resorts. Although many visitors will consider this to be an advantage, accommodation options directly in Ayagaures are very limited. You can try Los Tanquillos, a rural villa in Carretera Ayagaures in Artedara, about 1 km from Ayagaures de Abajo.

Of course, there are plenty of hotels and apartments, as well as all the other tourist infrastructure, in Maspalomas or Playa del Inglés on the coast.

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