Where to Stay in Aberystwyth

Aberystwyth is a relatively small town (population 16,000) and if you stay somewhere in the city itself (not the surrounding villages), it is generally all walking distance – it takes about 10 minues to walk from one end of Aberystwyth to the other (perhaps 15 minutes from the coast to the university campus).

Basic Orientation in Aberystwyth

The key points of orientation are the following:

  • The sea is in the west.
  • The cliff is in the north.
  • The river Rheidol is in the south.
  • The university campus and hospital are in the east (away from coast).
  • The train station is in the middle.

The actual city centre and most of the (non-university) city life takes place in the streets around the train station. It is really quite small.

Places to Stay in Aberystwyth

Most hotels are concentrated in the very centre, around the railway station and along the coast. Quality, comfort and prices vary; you can find everything from very cheap hotels and B&B’s (it’s a student town after all) to 4 star hotels.

If you have a car, you may also want to consider accommodation in the surroundings. It will expand your options significantly, as there are plenty of B&B’s and guesthouses within short (5-10 minutes’) drive from Aberystwyth (and the countryside is beautiful). Without a car it is probably better to find something directly in the city.

It Gets Busy at Times

Keep in mind that Aberystwyth is a university town, as well as a popular tourist destination. This means that finding accommodation can get complicated around university events (especially graduations) and in summer, when people from all parts of Britain come for holidays. Book well in advance – most of the hotels let you cancel for free if you change your plans.