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Where to Stay in Bratislava

Best Areas to Stay in Bratislava Bratislava is much smaller than other capitals in the region like Prague, Vienna or Budapest. Most places of interest to tourists are concentrated in the Old Town (Staré Mesto), [more…]

Bratislava Hlavná Stanica (Main Train Station)

The main train station of Bratislava is locally named Hlavná stanica (in train timetables often Bratislava hl. st.), which means main station in Slovak. Basically all international and long-distance trains arrive and depart at this [more…]

Bratislava Mlynske Nivy Bus Station

Bratislava Mlynske Nivy Bus Station The main bus station in Bratislava for both international and domestic buses is AS Mlynske Nivy (Autobusova Stanica Mlynske Nivy). In some timetables, especially for domestic buses, you can see [more…]