Lednice Castle and Lednice-Valtice Area

Lednice Castle is one of the two centres of Lednice-Valtice Area, one of the most popular tourist destinations in South Moravia and a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The uniqueness of the area is especially the landscape and the combination of many cultural and natural attractions – a result of about 800 years of history of settlement. There are two castles (one in Lednice and another in Valtice), both with large parks. The two parts of the area are separated by a group of ponds (Hlohovecky, Prostredni a Mlynsky).

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Lednice – the Village

The village of Lednice itself is quite small – about 2,000 inhabitants. It belongs to the Breclav District, which is part of South Moravian Region. It is known as a centre of wine and traditional South-Moravian rural culture.

Getting to Lednice

By car

From most directions the best way to get to Lednice is through highway D2 (Brno – Breclav – Bratislava). If you are coming from Brno, exit the highway on exit 41 (Podivin); if you are coming from Slovakia, take exit 48 (Breclav). From Austria and from some regions in the south of the Czech Republic, you can also arrive via the nearby Mikulov (another well-known wine centre).

By train and bus

Lednice has excellent train connections from all major cities in and near the Czech Republic, because the nearby Breclav is a big railway junction and virtually all long distance trains stop here. You can get to Breclav in a little over 3 hours from Prague, or in a little over 30 minutes from Brno. From Breclav to Lednice, take a local bus (Breclav – Lednice – Pavlov – Mikulov). The bus ride takes less than 20 minutes and intervals between buses are quite short.