Where to Stay in Prague

Best Areas to Stay in Prague Although Prague has a population of more than a million and occupies a large area, vast majority of the tourist attractions, culture, nightlife and accommodation capacities are located in [more…]

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Prague Airport to City Centre: All Options

Most visitors arrive to Prague via Prague International Airport (PRG), also known as Václav Havel Airport (named after the first post-revolution Czech president) or Ruzyně Airport (named after the nearby district Ruzyně, pronounced ru-zzy-nye). At [more…]

Prague Metro Stations and Nearby Attractions

The following is an overview of all Prague metro stations with tourist attractions and places of interest listed for each. It may be useful when planning your Prague itinerary. There are three metro lines in [more…]

Prague River Vltava: Facts, Cruises, Activities & Tips

Prague River Vltava: Facts, Cruises, Activities & Tips

Besides Prague Castle and Charles Bridge, one of the dominant features of Prague’s historical centre is the river, Vltava. Like the other landmarks, it has its own story and offers a wide range of activities [more…]

Where is Prague? Map, Country, Timezone, Language, Nearby Cities

Prague is a beautiful historical city and one of the top tourist destinations in Europe. On this page I have summarised basic info and answers to the most frequently asked questions (click the links to [more…]

Latest from Prague

Prague Zizkov District

Zizkov occupies a hill of the same name, overlooking Prague’s historical centre in the east. Therefore it offers wonderful views of the city, and also an atmosphere that is quite different from the main tourist [more…]

Prague Zizkov TV Tower: Location and Directions

Zizkov Television Tower is the highest structure of Prague’s skyline. You can see it from almost any part of the city – not only thanks to its 216 metres of height, but also because it [more…]

Prague Vinohrady District

Vinohrady, which literally means vineyards in Czech, is a district in Prague, situated on a hill overlooking the historical centre of Prague in the east. It starts just behind the National Museum at the top [more…]

Metro Stations in Prague Old Town

Old Town is directly accessible from two out of Prague’s three metro lines. Line A (green) runs directly through the middle of Old Town, while line B runs approximately along the Old Town’s south-eastern border. [more…]

Prague Old Town (Stare Mesto)

Old Town (Stare mesto in Czech) is the oldest part of Prague and the main (though not the only) tourist area. It is situated on the right bank of the Vltava river. Interesting Places in [more…]

Prague Holešovice Train Station

Holešovice train station, or Nadrazi Holešovice in Czech, is the second most important railway station in Prague, after Prague central station (Hlavní nádraží). It is located in the northern part of Prague’s greater city centre [more…]

Republic Square (Náměstí Republiky)

Republic Square, or Náměstí Republiky in Czech, is one of the biggest and busiest squares in Prague. It is located at the eastern border of Old Town, within easy walking distance from Old Town Square [more…]

Sokolovská Street

Sokolovská is the main street which connects Prague city centre with the districts of Karlín, Libeň and Vysočany. It begins at Florenc (tourists know this place as the location of Prague Florenc central bus station) [more…]

Invalidovna Metro Station

Invalidovna is a metro station on line B in Prague Karlín district. It is named after the nearby Invalidovna, a former dormitory for war veterans (like Les Invalides in Paris). Invalidovna Metro Station Location The [more…]


Invalidovna is a historical building in Prague Karlín district close to a metro station with the same name. Though much less known than some other Prague landmarks, it is a very valuable historical building (actually [more…]

Kaizlovy Sady

Kaizlovy sady (Kaizl’s Gardens) is a park in Prague Karlín district. It is situated at the eastern end of Křižíkova Street, between Sokolovská and U Invalidovny streets. The park was recently renovated along with the [more…]

Prague in November

What is Prague like in November? It is too cold or too dark? What’s the typical weather? Is it a good time to visit Prague as a tourist? While some days in October may still [more…]

Prague Botanical Garden

Prague Botanical Garden (Botanická zahrada Praha) is located in the district called Troja (Troy) on the slopes rising from the coast of the Vltava river in the neighbourhood of Prague Zoo. They contain rich collections [more…]

Smetanovo Nábřeží

Smetanovo nábřeží (Smetana Embankment) stretches from Charles Bridge and Karlova Street in the north to National Theatre and Most Legií (Legions Bridge) in the south. The embankment is one of the best places to view [more…]

Legion Bridge (Most Legií)

Legion Bridge (Most Legií in Czech) connects Národní třída and National Theatre (on the right bank of the Vltava river) with Újezd and Lesser Quarter (on the left bank). On the way, Legion Bridge crosses [more…]

Můstek Metro Station

Můstek is the interchange of metro lines A and B and therefore one of the most important public transport junctions in Prague. It occupies a very prominent location in the lower part of Wenceslas Square. [more…]

Anděl Metro Station

Anděl is a very busy metro station and tram junction in the Smíchov district in Prague’s greater city centre. Opposite the metro exit there is one of Prague’s biggest shopping centres (Nový Smíchov). There are [more…]

How to Get from Florenc Bus Station to Main Train Station

Florenc is Prague’s main bus station for international and long distance buses. Prague’s central train station (Hlavní nádraží) is only about one kilometre from Florenc and has convenient connection by metro (just one stop), although [more…]

Prague Main Train Station (Hlavní nádraží)

The central train station for Prague is situated directly in the city centre, less then 10 minutes’ walk from either Prague Old Town or Wenceslas Square. The Czech name and also the name of the [more…]

Prague in October

Is October a good time to visit Prague? Is the weather still OK or does it get too cold? Generally, unless you absolutely insist on summer temperatures, October is a fine time to see the [more…]

Štefánikova Street

Štefánikova Street goes from Anděl to Újezd on the left bank of the Vltava river in Prague. There is frequent tram service in Štefánikova Street and these trams provide the fastest connection between the districts [more…]

Petrin Hill

Petrin Hill, covered mostly by green forests and parks in spring and summer, is one of the key features of the Prague panorama. It is situated on the left bank of the river Vltava, a [more…]

Petrin Tower

There is a popular lookout tower on the top of Petrin Hill. Its design was inspired by the Eiffel Tower in Paris, but Petrin Lookout Tower is significantly smaller – only 60 metres tall. Nevertheless, [more…]

Tyn Church

The Church of Our Lady before Tyn (Kostel Matky Bozi pred Tynem in Czech) is one of the dominant sights of the Old Town Square in Prague. To tourists it is mostly known simply as [more…]

Jan Hus Monument

The big monument in the middle of Prague Old Town Square commemorates Jan Hus, one of the most significant persons of Czech history and national identity. Jan Hus Jan Hus (John Hus) was an influential [more…]

Astronomical Clock

The Astronomical Clock is one of Prague’s top tourist attractions. Every hour, its small performance attracts huge crowds. Astronomical Clock Location The Astronomical Clock is situated on the main wall of Old Town Hall’s tower [more…]

Old Town Hall

The Old Town Hall, founded in 1338 AD, used to be the city hall and administrative centre of Prague Old Town and as such it vitnessed many important events of Czech history. Nowadays it is [more…]

Old Town Square

Old Town Square is the centre of Prague Old Town, one of the oldest districts in the city and a popular tourist destination. Many houses at and near Prague Old Town Square operate as restaurants, [more…]

Victims of Communism Memorial

The Memorial to the Victims of Communism (Pomnik obetem komunismu) is situated at the foot of Petrin Hill in Ujezd, which is an area in Prague Lesser Quarter (Mala Strana). The sculptures show human figures [more…]

Prague State Opera

Althout far less known than Vienna State Opera, Prague also has its opera house. It is located near Wenceslas Square, halfway from National Museum to Hlavni Nadrazi (Prague main train station). Opera House on a [more…]

National Museum

The main building of National Museum (Narodni Muzeum) is located at the top end of Wenceslas Square, between Mezibranska and Legerova Street. It was built in 1891 by Czech architect Josef Schulz. The National Museum [more…]

Wenceslas Square

Wenceslas Square is a large square in Prague city centre, between the Old Town and Vinohrady. Wenceslas Square looks like a wide street, but there is not much car traffic there. Wenceslas Square is a [more…]

Aquapalace Prague

Only a few kilometres from Prague on the highway to Brno there is an amazingly huge aquapark which offers a wide scale of services and amusement. Aquapalace Praha was opened in 2008 as the biggest [more…]

Podoli Swimming Pool Complex

The largest, most popular, and very traditional swimming pool complex in Prague is located in Podoli district on the right bank of the Vltava River, not far from Vysehrad (High Castle). The main building of [more…]

St Vitus Cathedral

The Prague Castle is the best known and the most photographed landmark of Prague, but if the Saint Vitus Cathedral was suddenly demolished, you would probably not recognize the Prague Castle without it. St. Vitus [more…]

Prague Castle

Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral are the dominant features of Prague’s skyline (there are no skyscrapers in Prague city centre). Prague Castle used to be the seat of Czech Kings and today it is [more…]

Mala Strana (Lesser Quarter)

Together with Prague Old Town and Prague Castle, Lesser Quarter is the oldest part of Prague. The origin of these places dates back to the end of 9th and beginning of 10th century. The Czech [more…]

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge was built in the second half of the 14th century (completed in 1402) and it is the second oldest bridge in the Czech Republic. It was named after King Charles IV, who ordered [more…]

Prague Zelivskeho Bus Station

Zelivskeho bus station is much smaller than Florenc Bus Station, but there are a few long-distance buses which terminate at Zelivskeho and don’t go to Florenc – for example some buses from Poland to Prague. [more…]

Municipal House

The Municipal House is one of the most beautiful buildings in Prague and one of the monuments most visited and most photographed by tourists coming to Prague. You will find interesting things inside the Municipal [more…]

Czech National Bank

The central bank of the Czech Republic, the Czech National Bank, or CNB, has an important role in running the fast developing and constantly changing Czech economy. It is responsible for monetary policy in the [more…]

Fashion Arena Prague

Outlet centres have started to find their way to Central Europe in the last years and of course there is one in Prague: Fashion Arena Outlet Center in Sterboholy. Main advantages? Low prices, high concentration [more…]

Prague Zlicin Bus Station

Zlicin is a metro terminus and regional and medium-distance bus station in the south-western part of Prague, in Zlicin district, near the beginning of the D5 highway to Plzen. See also Zlicin Metro Station. Buses [more…]

Zlicin Metro Station

Zlicin is the south-western terminus of Prague metro line B (the yellow line). It is located in Zlicin district, close to the big highway junction where the highway D5 (to Plzen and Bavaria) starts. Metro [more…]

Muzeum Metro Station

Muzeum Station is located at the top end of Wenceslas Square. On line A it is between Namesti Miru and Mustek Station. On line C, Muzeum is between Hlavni Nadrazi (Main Train Station) and I. [more…]

Kobylisy Metro Station

Kobylisy Station is one of the most important public transport hubs in the northern part of Prague. It is the interchange of the metro (line C), trams (to four directions: Holesovice, Palmovka, Dablice, and Vozovna [more…]

Rajska Zahrada Metro Station

Rajska Zahrada is the penultimate station on Prague metro line B (the yellow line), between Hloubetin and Cerny Most stations. It is located in the north-eastern part of Prague, between the districts of Lehovec and [more…]

Hloubetin Metro Station

Hloubetin is the metro station in Prague Hloubetin district, which is located in the north-eastern part of the city, to the east from Vysocany, west of Cerny Most, south of Kbely, and north of Kyje. [more…]

Kolbenova Metro Station

Kolbenova is a station on Prague metro line B on the way from the centre to Cerny Most. It is 3 stops from Palmovka, 6 stops from Florenc, and 8 stops from Mustek (Wenceslas Square). [more…]

Vysočanská Metro Station

Vysočanská is a metro station on line B (yellow line), on the way from the city centre to Černý Most, 5 stops from Florenc. It is located in and named after Vysočanská Street and Vysočany [more…]

Českomoravská Metro Station

Českomoravská metro station is located in Prague Vysočany district between Sokolovská Street and O2 Arena. It serves the area including Vysočany, Harfa, Libeň, Balabenka, and Podvinní. Českomoravská is on metro line B, 4 stops from [more…]

Palmovka Metro Station

Palmovka metro station is located in the eastern part of Prague’s greater city centre, in the western part of Liben, between Holesovice and Vysocany. It is on metro line B, 3 stops from Florenc and [more…]

Stodulky Metro Station

Stodulky is the penultimate station on Prague metro line B (yellow), just before Zlicin. Neighbouring station in the city centre direction is Luka. Stodulky Metro Station is located in Jeremiasova Street in the western end [more…]

Luka Metro Station

Luka is a metro station on line B (yellow) in the south-western part of Prague. It is two stops from the Zlicin terminus. Neighbouring stations are Stodulky (Zlicin direction) and Luziny (city centre direction). Luka [more…]

Luziny Metro Station

Luziny is a station on Prague metro line B between Hurka and Luka. It is 3 stops from Zlicin (the south-western terminus of line B), 6 stops from Andel, and 9 stops from Mustek (Wenceslas [more…]

Hurka Metro Station

Hurka Station is on metro line B in the south-western part of Prague. It is one stop after Nove Butovice on the way to Zlicin. Neighbouring station in the Zlicin direction is Luziny. Hurka Metro [more…]

Nove Butovice Metro Station

Nove Butovice is a station on Prague metro line B in the south-western part of the city. It is between Jinonice and Hurka stations, 4 stops from Andel, 7 stops from Mustek, and 5 stops [more…]

Jinonice Metro Station

Jinonice is a station on Prague metro line B (the yellow line) between Radlicka and Nove Butovice (the direction to Zlicin from the city centre). It is located off Radlicka Street in Jinonice district. It [more…]

Radlicka Metro Station

Radlicka is a metro station in Radlice district the south-western part of Prague. It is on metro line B, immediately after Smichovske Nadrazi (the section between these two stations is among the longest in Prague [more…]

Florenc Metro Station

Florenc is the junction of metro lines B and C and one of the busiest metro stations in Prague. It is located in the eastern part of Prague city centre where Karlin district begins, next [more…]

Černý Most Metro Station

Černý Most is the terminus of Prague metro line B. It is located in the north-eastern edge of the city. Besides the metro it is also one of Prague’s most important bus stations and a [more…]

Letnany Metro Station

Letnany is the terminus of Prague metro line C and a big local and regional bus station in the northern part of Prague. It is located in Letnany district, next to the junction of Tupolevova, [more…]

Prosek Metro Station

Prosek is the penultimate station on Prague metro line C, located in the district bearing the same name. The exact location of the station is next to the junction of Vysocanska and Prosecka streets (two [more…]

Strizkov Metro Station

Strizkov Station is located in the northern part of Prague, in the eastern part of Strizkov district and near the western border of Prosek district. It is on the metro line C (red line) – [more…]

Ladvi Metro Station

Ladvi is a station on Prague metro line C in the northern part of the city. It is 4 stops from Florenc, 5 stops from Hlavni Nadrazi (Main Train Station), and 6 stops from Muzeum [more…]

Háje Metro Station

Háje is the southern terminus of Prague metro line C (the red line). It is 10 stops from Muzeum (Wenceslas Square), 11 stops from Hlavní nádraží (main train station), and 12 stops from Florenc (central [more…]

Opatov Metro Station

Opatov is the penultimate station on the southern end of Prague metro line C, between Chodov and Haje. It is located in Opatov area, which is part of Jizni Mesto (South Town), the densely populated [more…]

Chodov Metro Station

Chodov is a metro station in Prague Jizni Mesto district, near the start of highway D1 to Brno and near the eastern end of Kunraticky Les (Kunratice Forest, a large recreational area and natural reserve). [more…]

Roztyly Metro Station

Roztyly Station is on metro line C (the red line) in Haje direction (to the south) from Prague city centre. It is located just off Rysaveho Street in Horni Roztyly (Upper Roztyly) district, between the [more…]

Kačerov Metro Station

Kačerov is a busy metro station in the southern part of line C (the red line). It is located between Krč and Michle districts, between Budějovická and Michelská streets, close to highways D1 and Jižní [more…]

Budejovicka Metro Station

Budejovicka is a station on Prague metro line C, 5 stops from Muzeum (Wenceslas Square). Travel time from the centre to Budejovicka is approximately 10 minutes. Budejovicka Station is located at the junction of Budejovicka, [more…]

Pankrac Metro Station

Pankrac is a station on Prague metro line C (the red line) between Prazskeho Povstani and Budejovicka. It is located in Pankrac district, on a small hill just south of Prague inner city. Pankrac is [more…]

Prazskeho Povstani Metro Station

Prazkeho Povstani Station is located in Pankrac district, on a small hill just south of Prague inner city (it is on the other side of the big Nusle Bridge). The metro entrance is at the [more…]

Vysehrad Metro Station

Vysehrad Metro Station is located next to Prague Congress Centre at the southern end of Nusle Bridge (Nuselsky Most). It is named after Vysehrad (High Castle), which is one of Prague’s top landmarks (the castle [more…]

I. P. Pavlova Metro Station

I. P. Pavlova Station is located at I. P. Pavlova Square (Namesti I. P. Pavlova) in Prague city centre, one metro stop (or 6-8 minutes walk) to the south from Muzeum Station (the upper end [more…]

Hlavní Nádraží Metro Station

Hlavní nádraží means main train station in the Czech language. The metro platforms at Hlavní nádraží station are situated directly below the main terminal hall of Prague central train station. Hlavní nádraží Location Prague main [more…]

Nadrazi Holesovice Metro Station

Nadrazi Holesovice is the metro station at Praha-Holesovice train station in Prague’s greater city centre (nadrazi means train station in Czech). It is on metro line C, 2 stops from Florenc or 4 stops from [more…]

Vltavska Metro Station

Vltavska is a station on Prague metro line C between Florenc and Nadrazi Holesovice. It is situated in the southern part of Holesovice district on the left bank of the Vltava River, after which it [more…]

Prague Florenc Bus Station

Florenc is the main bus station in Prague. Almost all international buses arrive and depart here. It is also a junction of two metro lines (see Florenc Metro Station), trams and local buses. This page [more…]

Prague Černý Most Bus Station

Černý Most is one of the most important transport hubs in Prague. It is the terminus of metro line B (see Černý Most Metro Station) and one of the busiest bus stations in Prague for [more…]

Postal Codes in Prague

Postal Codes in the Czech Republic Czech postal codes always have 5 digits. Postal code is usually written with a space between the third and fourth digit, for example 123 45 (though omitting this space [more…]

Prague Na Knížecí Bus Station

The bus station (Autobusové nádraží) Praha Florenc is the main bus terminal for both domestic and international buses with daily bus connections to dozens of Czech and European cities. Besides Florenc, there are several other [more…]

Holešovice Market

Holešovice Market (Holešovická Tržnice) is not something most visitors would expect in a city like Prague. Originally a cattle market and cattle slaughter grounds (1895-1983), nowadays the market is a combination of small traders, including [more…]

National Theatre

National Theatre

The National Theatre (Narodni Divadlo) may not be as world-famous as Prague Castle or Charles Bridge, but it is equally important for Czech national identity. It was opened in 1881, during the times when the [more…]

Other Destinations in Czech Republic

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