Prague Na Knížecí Bus Station

The bus station (Autobusové nádraží) Praha Florenc is the main bus terminal for both domestic and international buses with daily bus connections to dozens of Czech and European cities. Besides Florenc, there are several other big bus stations in Prague. They are located mostly outside the city centre and always serve regional bus traffic between Prague and its suburbs in that particular direction. Some of them also serve bus lines to more distant and bigger Czech cities.

Na Knížecí Bus Station in Prague

The bus station Na Knížecí is one of them, though it is still quite close to the centre of Prague. Regional buses to destinations located south and south-west of Prague depart from Na Knížecí. There are also middle and long distance buses which start here, mostly to cities in South and West Bohemia. They include the bus to České Budějovice and Český Krumlov operated by Regiojet (formerly Student Agency), which is very popular by foreign tourists, as both these historical cities are high on the list of most visited tourist targets.

Different Names for the Same Bus Station

The location and directions to the bus station Na Knížecí may be confusing, as local people often refer to this station using different names. Sometimes they call is Anděl (angel) by the name of the metro station. Some of them refer to the station as Smíchov or Na Smíchově by the city part where it is located. This might be extremely confusing for a foreigner, as there is also a train station Smíchovske Nádraží (Smíchov train station) located about one kilometre away. Not to make things more difficult, here are the exact directions to the bus station Na Knížecí:

How to Get to the Bus Station Na Knížecí

From the city centre and most other locations in Prague, get to metro line B (yellow line) and take this line to Anděl (the angel station). This metro station has two exits, one on each side of the platform. Take the one signed Na Knížecí, which is in the same direction as your metro train goes if you have arrived from the centre. Most exits from the metro on this side take you directly to the bus station. If you leave the metro and see a big shopping centre, you are on the wrong side. Orientation on the bus station itself is not complicated as it is considerably smaller compared to Florenc.

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