Prague to Brno by Train or Bus

Brno is the second largest Czech city and has excellent connections to Prague by both train and bus. Several different companies operate on the route and the competition has led to good quality of service, frequent connections, and low prices.

Typical travel time from Prague to Brno is between two and half and three hours, depending on how often and where the particular train or bus stops on the way.

Train or Bus: Which Is Better?

There isn’t really a difference in terms of prices, comfort, or travel time (at least on paper).

That said, the D1 highway between Prague and Brno is the country’s oldest and busiest, with traffic far beyond its originally intended capacity. This, and efforts to upgrade it, often lead to congestion – locals often joke the D1 is the biggest parking place in the Czech Republic. In short, the buses are much more likely to be delayed than the trains. If time is really important, take the train.

Trains from Prague to Brno

Generally, all trains to Brno depart from Prague main train station (Hlavní nádraží on metro line C). Most also stop at Praha-Libeň station, which is located in the eastern part of Prague near O2 Arena.

Most connections are provided by Czech Railways, the national train operator. Some of these are part of international services to Vienna, Bratislava, or Budapest (these international trains are generally the fastest, taking two and half hours). There is also a lower category of trains which also stop in smaller cities and usually take closer to three hours from Prague to Brno.

The second big operator on the Prague – Brno route is the private company Regiojet, with characteristic yellow trains (this is the same company which also operates the yellow long distance and international buses from Prague). These trains also take about two and half hours.

Buses from Prague to Brno

Regiojet is the dominant operator of buses between Prague and Brno. These buses depart from Florenc central bus station, every hour from 5am to midnight. Official travel time is just below three hours, although if everything goes smoothly on the D1 motorway, the bus will arrive a few minutes ahead of schedule. Regiojet buses share the same booking system with the trains at, allowing you to see both types of connections in one place.

Other companies with frequent services between Prague and Brno include Flixbus and Eurolines, usually as part of international routes to Bratislava or Budapest. Most of these also depart from Florenc bus station.

There are also a number of domestic carriers, usually departing from either Florenc or Roztyly bus station. These are not cheaper or faster than the big companies (often the opposite) and may also be more difficult to book and board if you are not a local.

Note that there are two bus stations in Brno where buses from Prague can arrive – the bus station in front of hotel Grand (all Regiojet buses) and the central bus station Zvonařka. These two stations are only about 10 minutes’ walk apart and buses go to one or the other, but not both, therefore if you depart from Brno make sure you know which station it is.

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