About Wise Visitor

Hello and welcome to Wise Visitor.

This website first started in 2009, as a small hobby project on a different domain (city-italy.com). You can still find a few pages from that time in Italy section.

Later I created several other websites about places I have visited or lived in. But I didn’t have time to keep all of them updated and eventually decided to merge them into one. Wise Visitor was born.

These days my own role is mainly the technology behind the website (my main occupation is finance and tech). Much of the content has been contributed by other people, who know more about individual destinations than I do.

What We Do

The mission of Wise Visitor is to help you be a wise visitor.

It is based on two main, often contradicting ideas:

1) Knowledge makes travel more pleasant.

With travel becoming more accessible, many people feel that popular destinations are losing a bit of their charm, as they drown in tourist crowds (I know because I live in Prague). They are still as beautiful and worth visiting as ever before, but you need some research and planning to enjoy the good things and minimize the bad.

You avoid staying in a bad part of town. You don’t save 20 euros on accommodation, only to spend multiples of that, plus loads of time, on transport. You know how the place “works” (for you the visitor).

At the same time…

2) There is too much information.

Information overload is a thing when planning a trip. You can’t read it all. You can’t consider every hotel or tour.

At the moment, Prague has 3,730 accommodations on Booking.com. London has 9,665. Good luck selecting one.

When you have a starting point, like a particular neighbourhood in London where you want to stay, you narrow down the numbers to more manageable levels. And every big city has good and bad areas to stay.

This is how Wise Visitor wants to help. Provide useful information about selected places in a clean, uncluttered, no-nonsense way.

See our destinations and travel resources.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us.

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