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Longest Bridges in Denmark

Due to its geography and numerous islands, Denmark is a country where you can find some of the longest and most interesting bridges in Europe. Some of the notable crossings, like Øresund and Great Belt, [more…]

Language in Copenhagen and Denmark

What is the language spoken in Copenhagen? Can locals understand English? The short answers are Danish and Yes. Danish Language The official language of Denmark, whose capital is Copenhagen, is Danish. Danish is a North [more…]

Rivers in Denmark: Gudenå, Storå, Skjern, and Others

In Denmark, you are never more than a few dozen kilometres from the sea. Looking at the map, it is obvious that there is not much space for long rivers. Most of the biggest ones [more…]

Hotels on M5 Motorway

This page covers hotels on M5 motorway in England (Birmingham – Bristol – Exeter). First there are hotels directly at M5 services. Then, for each section of M5, you can find other conveniently located hotels [more…]

Best Day Trips from Copenhagen

Copenhagen has more than enough things to see and do on its own, but there are also a number of interesting places nearby: castles (including the one from Hamlet), historical towns and villages, Viking ships, [more…]

Where to Stay in Roskilde

Most tourists visit Roskilde as a day trip from Copenhagen (it is less than 25 minutes by train with frequent connections), but the city has a number of interesting places and things to do to [more…]

Little Mermaid: Getting There and Tips for Visiting

No visit to Copenhagen would be complete without the Little Mermaid. As Copenhagen’s best known landmark and almost a national symbol, it attracts thousands of tourists every day all year round. It’s often crowded and [more…]

Best Places to View Øresund Bridge

Øresund Bridge can be seen from many places in and around Copenhagen, but some are certainly better than others. This page suggests a number of locations with the best views and best opportunities for taking [more…]

Strøget Shopping Street Guide

Strøget, the world’s longest pedestrian shopping street, begins at Kongens Nytorv (King’s New Square), one of the main squares in Copenhagen close to the Royal Palace. The famous picturesque port Nyhavn starts at the end [more…]

Danish for Travellers

This is an overview of basic words and phrases which can be helpful on your visit to Copenhagen and Denmark. You won’t get lost without them – virtually everybody speaks perfect English – but as [more…]

Where to Stay in Prague

Best Areas to Stay in Prague Although Prague has a population of more than a million and occupies a large area, vast majority of the tourist attractions, culture, nightlife and accommodation capacities are located in [more…]

Warsaw Old Town

Warsaw Old Town

Warsaw Old Town is the oldest part of the city, dating back to the 13th century, although virtually all buildings in the Old Town were completely destroyed in World War II and rebuilt in historical [more…]