Which Is the Hottest Canary Island?

This is a common question asked especially by those considering a visit to the Canary Islands in winter. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer, because… … the differences in climate or weather between different places on the same island can be much bigger than the differences between different islands. Often [more…]

Places to Visit in Denmark

Most foreigners only know the capital Copenhagen, but there are many other places to visit in Denmark – medieval towns, Viking age monuments, sandy beaches, rugged coastlines, fairy tale castles, museums and galleries, and much more. Despite being a small country of less than 6 million, there are many things [more…]

Where to Stay in Athens, Greece

Best Areas to Stay in Athens Athens are a big city, but the centre where most of the tourist attractions are located, where the concentration of hotels is high, and where most visitors actually prefer to stay, is very small. It is concentrated around the Acropolis (the landmark temple hill), [more…]

Where to Stop between Vienna and Budapest

Vienna and Budapest are only 240km apart and travel by train, bus, or car takes three hours or less. If you are looking for interesting places to visit on the way, here are a few suggestions. Bratislava The capital of Slovakia is the biggest city between Vienna and Budapest. It [more…]

Best Small Towns in the Czech Republic

Most visitors to the Czech Republic only visit Prague, which is undoubtedly amazing (and my home), but may feel a bit too touristy at times. On this page I will introduce some of the best “alternative” small towns to visit if you have an extra day or two in the [more…]