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Oslo City Hall

To many people, Oslo City Hall (Radhuset or Oslo Radhus) is the most significant building in Oslo. Several factors have contributed to its fame: the prime location on Oslo’s harbourfront, the annual ceremony of awarding the Nobel Peace Prize (on 10 December each year) and its characteristic functionalist design. Oslo [more…]

Viking Ship Museum

The Viking Ship Museum in Oslo was established with the main purpose to preserve three big Viking ships discovered in various places in Norway. Today the museum is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Oslo and it’s definitely worth a visit. This is how the Viking Ship Museum looks [more…]

Fram Museum

Various museums dedicated to seafaring, maritime explorations, and polar areas are among the most popular tourist attractions in Oslo. One of the best known museums is Fram Museum (Frammuseet). Introducing Fram Museum: Why Visit The main feature, which also gave its name to Fram Museum, is the polar exploration ship [more…]

Akershus Fortress

Akershus Fortress (also referred to as Akershus Castle) is located in Oslo city centre, on a hill overlooking the harbour. It is mainly a military structure, which is still being used by the Norwegian Armed Forces in these days. Akershus also serves as burial place for Norwegian royalty. Some parts [more…]

Oslo Harbour

The central point of Oslo to many people is the harbour and the area around Radhusplassen (City Hall Square). Oslo Harbour and Radhusplassen: It is a popular place to take a walk by tourists and locals alike. Oslo City Hall (Radhus) is the dominant feature of the harbourfront and probably [more…]

Oslo Bus Terminal (Bussterminal, Galleriet)

Oslo Bus Station The main international and long-distance bus station in Oslo is Bussterminal (Oslo Bus Terminal). Vast majority of long-distance buses and also some local buses terminate or stop here. Oslo Bus Terminal Location Although it is a capital, Oslo is a relatively small city. Oslo Bus Terminal is [more…]

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