Oslo City Hall

To many people, Oslo City Hall (Radhuset or Oslo Radhus) is the most significant building in Oslo. Several factors have contributed to its fame: the prime location on Oslo’s harbourfront, the annual ceremony of awarding the Nobel Peace Prize (on 10 December each year) and its characteristic functionalist design.

Oslo City Hall Pictures

The typical picture of Oslo City Hall, as seen from the harbour:

Oslo City Hall from harbour

View from the sea, when leaving Oslo Harbour in a boat:

Oslo City Hall from a boat

View from Akershus Fortress:

Oslo City Hall from Akershus

View from the east (from the Kontraskjæret park on the way to Akershus):

Oslo City Hall from the east

View from the western side:

Oslo City Hall from the west

Oslo City Hall Main Entrance

This is the main entrance to Oslo City Hall from Fridtjof Nansens Plass (the other side than the harbour):

Oslo City Hall main entrance

You can see the Astronomical Clock (Det astronomiske uret) on the right side above the entrance.

The fountain in front of Oslo City Hall and the Astronomical Clock in the background:

Fountain in front of Oslo City Hall

Radhushallen (Main Hall)

The main hall at Oslo City Hall – the first thing you see when you get inside and also the best known part.


Stairway with a bell in Radhushallen:

Radhushallen stairs

Decoration of the floor and walls in Radhushallen:

Radhushallen decorations

View of Radhushallen from the upper level:

Radhushallen from above

A typical picture of the big decorated wall in Radhushallen:

Radhushallen wall

Other Parts of Oslo City Hall Interior

The main assembly room – Bystyresalen (literally translates as “City Management Hall”):

The main assembly room

The Banquet Hall (Bankettsalen):

Banquet Hall

One of the many decorated rooms and halls:

Oslo City Hall interior

Oslo is nicknamed the “Tiger City” (Tigerstaden) and therefore it’s no surprise that you find a tiger in the City Hall.

Tiger in Oslo City Hall

But you will see other animals too. For example a big cow on the wall above one of the stairways.

Cow on the wall

One of the most interesting parts of Oslo City Hall is the Gift Gallery (Gavegalleriet). Here you can see various gifts from other nations, their kings or presidents. For instance, the picture below shows a gift from the King of Thailand.

Gift from Thai king

View of Oslo Harbour from City Hall Windows

When you are inside the city hall building, don’t forget to look out of the windows.

Oslo harbour from the city hall

There are some very nice views of the harbour.

Oslo harbour from the city hall

Oslo City Hall Location and Directions

When you are visiting Oslo, it’s almost impossible to miss the City Hall. It is located between Fridtjof Nansens Plass and Radhusplassen (City Hall Square), adjacent to the harbour and near Akershus Fortress. The nearest metro station is Nationaltheatret. The nearest tram stop is Radhusplassen, immediately next to the city hall.

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