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Places to Visit in Denmark

Most foreigners only know the capital Copenhagen, but there are many other places to visit in Denmark – medieval towns, Viking age monuments, sandy beaches, rugged coastlines, fairy tale castles, museums and galleries, and much more. Despite being a small country of less than 6 million, there are many things [more…]

Longest Bridges in Denmark

Due to its geography and numerous islands, Denmark is a country where you can find some of the longest and most interesting bridges in Europe. Some of the notable crossings, like Øresund and Great Belt, combine bridges and tunnels, and are used for both road and rail traffic. Here is [more…]

Where to Stay in Roskilde

Most tourists visit Roskilde as a day trip from Copenhagen (it is less than 25 minutes by train with frequent connections), but the city has a number of interesting places and things to do to justify an overnight or longer stay, especially if you like Vikings, music, museums, galleries, and [more…]

Rivers in Denmark: Gudenå, Storå, Skjern, and Others

In Denmark, you are never more than a few dozen kilometres from the sea. Looking at the map, it is obvious that there is not much space for long rivers. Most of the biggest ones can be found on the Jutland peninsula. Denmark’s rivers are so small that most of [more…]

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