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Where to Stay in Stockholm

Stockholm city centre, which is not that large itself, is divided in several districts. Some of them are better places to stay than the others, but it always depends on your taste, budget, and why you are coming to Stockholm. Gamla Stan Gamla Stan literally means The Old Town. It [more…]

Stockholm Kaknäs Tower (Kaknästornet)

Kaknästornet (The Kaknas Tower) is a TV and radio broadcast tower in Stockholm. You may not entirely like its design, but it provides amazing views of Stockholm and its surroundings. The tower is 155 metres high (170m with antenna) and for a while after its completion (1967) it was the [more…]

Stockholm Royal Palace

This palace is known by various names: Stockholm Royal Palace, Kungliga Slottet (Royal Palace in Swedish) or Stockholms Slott (Stockholm Palace). It is located next to the Riksdag (Parliament of Sweden) in Gamla Stan (Old Town) on Stadsholmen (which means City Island) in the very centre of Stockholm. Stockholm Royal [more…]

Katarina Church

Katarina Kyrka (the Church of Catherine) is located in Högbergsgatan, a short walk from Gamla Stan (Old Town) to the south-east. The construction of the church started under the reign of King Charles X in the 17th century (his mother was Princess Catherine of Sweden). If you visit Katarina Church [more…]

Gröna Lund

Gröna Lund, also known as Grönan or Stockholm Tivoli, is Stockholm’s amusement park – and the oldest one in Sweden. It was founded in 1883 by Jacob Schultheis. There are many (about 30) attractions, including seven roller coasters. Stockholm Tivoli may resemble the better known Tivoli in Copenhagen. Gröna Lund [more…]


Kungsträdgården (King’s Park) is a very popular park in the centre of Stockholm. The locals call it Kungsan. It is a typical meeting point and one of the places where Stockholm really lives. Open air concerts, meetings of political parties, and other events take place in Kungsträdgården in summer (and [more…]

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