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Siena Introduction, Facts and Figures

Siena: Introduction for First Time Visitors With mere 50,000 inhabitants, Siena (sometimes spelled Sienna in English) doesn’t make it to the list of largest Italian cities, but has its place secured on most itineraries of Italian cities round trips. Thanks to its architecture and unique atmosphere, this small medieval town [more…]

L’Aquila Introduction, Facts and Figures

L’Aquila: Introduction for First Time Visitors L’Aquila, whose name means Eagle in Italian, was made known internationally due to the dreadful earthquake and a following G-8 meeting in 2009. The city is quite small compared to Rome or Naples (less than 100,000 inhabitants) and it attracts considerably fewer foreign tourists. [more…]

Parco del Conero

This page is a guide to Pacro del Conero, a nature reserve located near Ancona on the Adriatic coast in central Italy, and a popular hiking destination. Introducing Parco del Conero Monte Conero (Mount Conero, 572m) is the highest peak along the long Italian Adriatic coast between Trieste and Gargano [more…]

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