Prague Main Train Station (Hlavní nádraží)

The central train station for Prague is situated directly in the city centre, less then 10 minutes’ walk from either Prague Old Town or Wenceslas Square. The Czech name and also the name of the metro station is Hlavní nádraží, which means main train station.

Platforms at Prague Main Station

Prague Main Station has 7 platforms (numbered 1-7). There used to be only 4 platforms before a major expansion took place many years ago. As a result, the first 4 platforms still have beautiful historical domes (there are two domes, each providing roof to two platforms), while the newer platforms 5-7 have only smaller roofs over the platforms themselves and no roof over the tracks.

Underpasses between Platforms

There are three parallel underpasses connecting the individual platforms with the main terminal building – the widest and busiest one in the middle and a smaller underpass on each side. Passengers are strictly prohibited to cross the tracks.

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