Prague Zizkov TV Tower: Location and Directions

Zizkov Television Tower is the highest structure of Prague’s skyline. You can see it from almost any part of the city – not only thanks to its 216 metres of height, but also because it is situated on a hill overlooking Prague city centre.

The tower is located in Zizkov, the district which borders the inner city on the east and starts right behind the central train station. The entrance to the tower is from a small park (named Mahlerovy Sady – after composer Gustav Mahler), just one block from George of Podebrady Square (Namesti Jiriho z Podebrad).

There are two ways of reaching the tower by public transport.

Option 1: Jiriho z Podebrad

The easiest way is to take the metro line A (the green line – same as the one going through the Old Town) to Jiriho z Podebrad station (three stops after Mustek / two stops after Muzeum in direction to Depo Hostivar).

Exit the metro at George of Podebrady Square, which you can easily recognize by its big modern-style church (the Church of the Most Sacred Heart of Our Lord). Once you get onto the surface and have the church in front of you, proceed to the corner of the square that is behind the church on its left side (it is the north-east corner on a map).

Take the street that goes from this corner named Milesovska. After just 200 metres you arrive to a small park – Mahlerovy Sady, which is the park with the tower.

Option 2: Olsany Square

From some locations, including Republic Square or the central train station, it is faster to take the tram. The tram stop where you should get off is Olsanske namesti (Olsany Square) – Olsany is the name of the neighbourhood.

It is three stops from Hlavni nadrazi, the tram stop next to the central train station, in direction away from the city centre. All the tram lines from that stop go to Olsanske namesti, as there are no junctions on the way. Places of interest which you will pass along the way include the University of Economics, Viktoria Zizkov football stadium and the Church of St. Procopius. The two tram stops which you will pass are Husinecka and Lipanska. These names, like many others in the Zizkov district (and the district’s name itself), refer to famous sites and heroes of the 15th century Hussite Wars.

Once you get off the tram at Olsany Square, take the street going slightly uphill from the square, to the left of the street where your tram has come from. The street’s name is Ondrickova and it will take you to Zizkov TV Tower after 350 metres.

Note that you can avoid climbing if you visit the TV Tower as a round trip, coming from George of Podebrady Square (option 1) and leaving via Olsany Square (option 2).

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