Hotels on M20 Motorway

This page covers hotels on M20 motorway in England, which connects London and Folkestone (Eurotunnel), and therefore is one of the two main road corridors between the UK and continental Europe (the other is M2/A2 to Dover). I have tried to list the hotels and locations with best access to M20 motorway (near M20 junctions). The locations are sorted from London to Folkestone.

Hotels on M20 Motorway near London

M20 motorway starts at Swanley Junction (junction 3 on M25, London Orbital Motorway). There are only a few hotels close to the junction, but the number of hotels goes up as you get closer to central London (road A20 from Swanley).

After a few miles on M20, there is another motorway junction (J2-J3 on M20) – this time with M26 motorway, which is in fact just a short link between M20 and another section of M25 (near Sevenoaks). There are two hotels with good access to M20 in this area:

Hotels on M20 Motorway near Maidstone

There is one hotel just off junction J4, north-west of Maidstone: Premier Inn Maidstone Leybourne.

There are several hotels very close to M20 junctions near Maidstone (J5-J8). The most conveniently located hotels are:

You can find more hotels in Maidstone city centre, which is 2-3 miles from junctions 5-7.

Hotels on M20 Motorway near Ashford

Ashford is the largest city on M20 motorway. It is only 10-15 miles from Folkestone (Eurotunnel terminal) and therefore hotels near Ashford can be a good alternative to Folkestone hotels. The exits to Ashford are through junctions 9 and 10. The hotels closest to these junctions are:

Search all hotels in and near Ashford

Hotels on M20 Motorway near Folkestone

The south end of M20 motorway is in Folkestone, near the Channel Tunnel UK Terminal. Thanks to Eurotunnel and its location on the coast, Folkestone has plenty of accommodation options and other services for travellers. Most hotels are situated near the coast in Folkestone town centre, within 2 miles from Eurotunnel Terminal and M20 junctions J12 and J13. There are a few hotels immediately next to the Eurotunnel Terminal:

Search all hotels near Eurotunnel UK Terminal and Folkestone

Here you can search hotels near Dover Ferry Terminal (10 miles from the end of M20)

Hotels on the Other Side of the Channel

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