Where to Stay in Brussels

Best Areas to Stay in Brussels

There are three main areas which most people would consider best to stay in Brussels: The Centre, Saint-Gilles, and the European District.

Brussels Centre

Brussels City Centre (in the narrow meaning of the name) is the most popular place to stay. It has the highest concentration of hotels, good restaurants, tourist attractions, and important buildings. Obviously it is also good for shopping and nightlife. Some of the best hotels in Brussels are located here, but you can also find plenty of budget accommodation options.

Saint-Gilles (Sint-Gillis)

This district is adjacent to Brussels Centre in the south. It starts near Brussels Midi/Zuid Train Station. Most hotels, as well as other tourist infrastructure, are concentrated in the northern part, closest to the Centre.

European District

The third district that is a popular area to stay in Brussels is the surroundings of the European institution offices. It is located to the east of the Centre, behind Brussels Central Station and the big Park (with capital P). Staying here is an obvious choice if you are coming to Brussels for some business concerning the European institutions, but it may also be a wise choice if you are coming as a tourist and prefer a relatively quieter, and (a little bit) less touristy place. The number of hotels is lower than in the Centre.

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