Blansko – Basic Information

Blansko is a town located 20 km north of Brno in the South Moravian region. It is the capital and the largest town in Blansko District and has population of over 20,000.

The Svitava River (the same as one of the two big rivers in Brno) flows through the western part of Blansko. The city centre is 276 m above sea level. Blansko has very long history (dating back to the 12th century), but it is mainly known as the “gateway to the Moravian Karst”, the largest karst area in the Czech Republic, with several caves (many of them accessible to the public) and the 138-metre deep Macocha Gorge. The Punkva, the underground river in the Punkevni Cave and at the bottom of the Macocha, enters the Svitava River in the southern part of Blansko.

Transportation in Blansko

Blansko is situated on the main rail corridor between Brno and Ceska Trebova. Most express trains between Brno and Prague pass through Blansko, although some don’t stop here. There are two railway stations in the city: Blansko (south of the centre) and Blansko-Mesto (Blansko-Downtown).

The main road number 43 (or E461) passes Blansko about 5 km in the west. Smaller roads enter Blansko directly: road number 374 (from Brno in the south or from Rajec-Jestrebi in the north) and road number 379 (from the Moravian Karst in the east).

The postal code of Blansko is 678 01.

Major Streets and Squares in Blansko

Major streets in Blansko include Mlynska, Dvorska, Bezrucova, Porici, Sadova, Svitavska, and Prazska. Major squares (namesti) include Namesti Svobody (Freedom Square; Blansko town hall is situated here), Namesti Republiky, Namesti Miru, and Wankelovo Namesti.

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