Hotels on M4 Motorway

This page covers hotels on M4 motorway (London – Bristol – South Wales). First there are hotels directly at M4 services. Then, for each section of M4, you can find other conveniently located hotels just off M4 junctions. The locations are sorted from east to west (from London to Wales).

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Hotels at M4 Services

The following are hotels directly at M4 service stations (there are more services on M4 motorway, but not all of them have hotels).

M4 Membury Services (J14-15, mile 69, km 110, near Swindon) – Days Inn Hotel Membury

M4 Cardiff Gate Services (J30, mile 145, km 233, near Cardiff) – Hotel Ibis Cardiff Gate

M4 Sarn Park Services (J36, mile 168, km 270, near Bridgend and Aberkenfig, between Cardiff and Swansea) – Days Inn Bridgend Cardiff; there is another hotel very close to Jct 36: Premier Inn Bridgend Central

Hotels on M4 near London

Hotels on M4 near M25 and Heathrow Airport

At start of M4 in west London, there are many hotels in Hounslow (junctions J1-J3) and around Heathrow Airport (J4).

There are several good hotels close to junction J5 (the first junction after the M4-M25 interchange):

Hotels on M4 near Slough, Windsor, Maidenhead

M4 junction J6 is to Slough and Windsor. Two hotels close to the junction are Holiday Inn Slough Windsor and Copthorne Hotel Slough Windsor (swimming pool, sauna, gym, free WiFi). Windsor town centre is 2 miles from the motorway.

Here you can search all hotels in Windsor.

There are two hotels off junction J9a to Maidenhead: Holiday Inn Maidenhead Windsor and . There are about a dozen hotels in Maidenhead, within 1-2 miles from junctions 8 and 9a.

Hotels on M4 near Reading

Exits to Reading are through junctions J10-J12. The most conveniently located hotels are Holiday Inn Reading South M4 Jct 11 (4 star hotel, free parking, high-speed internet, gym, pool, sauna) and Millennium Madejski Hotel (new 4 star hotel, part of Madejski sports and conference centre; free parking, free WiFi). Both hotels are just off J11.

There are also two hotels close to junction J12 (Reading West): Best Western Calcot Hotel and Pincents Manor Hotel (both hotels with free parking and free wireless internet).

Search all Reading hotels now

Hotels on M4 near Swindon

Halfway between Reading and Swindon there is one hotel just off junction J14 (A338): The Pheasant Inn (free parking, free WiFi, 4 stars).

There is a hotel directly at Membury Service Station (between junctions 14 and 15): Days Inn Hotel Membury (free parking, free internet, access from both M4 directions).

The junctions with exits to Swindon are J15 and J16. The latter is better for accommodation – there are 3 hotels immediately next to J16:

Here you can search all hotels in Swindon.

Hotels on M4 near Bristol

Halfway between Swindon and Bristol there is one hotel just off junction J17 (A429, A350, exit to Chippenham): Stanton Manor Hotel & Restaurant (a historic manor house, recently refurbished, free parking, free WiFi).

There are many hotels in Bristol, though most of them in the city centre, some 5-6 miles from M4 junction J19. Here you can search all Bristol hotels. You can sort or filter the hotels by price, stars, review rating, location, and other criteria.

If you are looking for accommodation very close to M4 motorway, there are about 8 hotels in Almondsbury, near the M4-M5 interchange northeast of Bristol (M4 junction J20). You can search them and see details here.

Hotels on M4 near Newport

M4 motorway bypasses Newport in a half circle from northeast to southwest. Intervals between junctions (J24-J28) are short here. The best for accommodation are junctions J24 and J28.

There are two good hotels just off J24 (Coldra Junction): Premier Inn Newport South Wales (free parking, good for families with children) and Holiday Inn Newport (free parking, fitness, business/meeting facilities).

The hotel closest to junction J28 is Holiday Inn Express Newport (free parking, free WiFi, good location between Newport and Cardiff).

Here you can search all hotels in Newport (the city centre is within 2 miles from M4 motorway).

Hotels on M4 near Cardiff

There is a hotel at Cardiff Gate Service Station at junction J30 (Cardiff East): Ibis Cardiff Gate (with meeting facilities and free parking).

There are two hotels just off junction J32 (Cardiff North): Legacy Cardiff International (free parking, free WiFi, business facilities) and De Vere Village Cardiff - Hotel & Leisure Club (large gym, whirpool, sauna, wellness and beauty treatments, free parking, free WiFi).

Here you can search all Cardiff hotels.

Several miles west of Cardiff there is a hotel at junction J34: Miskin Manor Hotel And Health Club (free parking, free WiFi, fitness, pool, spa).

Hotels on M4 near Bridgend

Halfway between Cardiff and Swansea, there are several conveniently located hotels just off junctions J35 and J36 near Bridgend and Aberkenfig:

More hotels are located in Bridgend town centre, 2-3 miles south of M4 motorway (J36).

Search all Bridgend hotels now

Hotels on M4 near Swansea

There are a few hotels located just off M4 junctions near Swansea. These are among the westernmost hotels on M4 motorway:

Search all Swansea hotels (M4 and city centre)

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