Hotels on M5 Motorway

This page covers hotels on M5 motorway in England (Birmingham – Bristol – Exeter). First there are hotels directly at M5 services. Then, for each section of M5, you can find other conveniently located hotels just off M5 junctions. The locations are sorted from north to south (from Birmingham to Exeter).

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Hotels at M5 Services

The following are hotels directly at M5 service stations (there are more services on M5 motorway, but not all of them have hotels).

Hotels on M5 Motorway near Birmingham

M5 motorway starts near West Bromwich, northwest of Birmingham, at its interchange with M6. While most hotels in Birmingham are several miles away from the M5, there are a few hotels in West Bromwich and Oldbury very close to M5 junctions.

There is also one hotel close to junction 4, south of Birmingham – Hilton Birmingham Bromsgrove.

Hotels on M5 Motorway near Worcester

There are several hotels located conveniently just off M5 junctions 5 and 6, near Droitwich and Worchester:

A few miles south of Worcester and just north of the start of M50 (Jct8) there is a hotel at Strensham Service StationDays Inn Tewkesbury.

Hotels on M5 Motorway near Gloucester, Cheltenham

Just north of Cheltenham there are several hotels in Tewkesbury (1 mile from M5 junction J9). One of the hotels is immediately next to the junction – Premier Inn Tewkesbury.

The section of M5 between Cheltenham and Gloucester has plenty of accommodation options close to M5 junctions. Some of the best and most conveniently located hotels include the following.

Hotels on M5 near Cheltenham (J10, J11)

Hotels on M5 near Gloucester (J11a, J12)

Hotels on M5 Motorway near Bristol

North of Bristol and several miles north of the M4/M5 Almondsbury Interchange there are two conveniently located hotels:

Next to the M4/M5 interchange, off M5 junction J16, there are several hotels very close to the motorway in Almondsbury.

There are two hotels close to junction J17: Premier Inn Bristol Cribbs Causeway and Best Western Henbury Lodge Hotel.

The centre of Bristol is accessible through junctions J16-19. Here you can search hotels in Bristol.

The towns on the coast west and south-west of Bristol are very close to M5 motorway and might be good choices for accommodation:

Hotels on M5 Motorway near Taunton

There is a hotel at Sedgemoor Service Station (northbound), J21-22, between Weston-super-Mare and Taunton: Days Inn Hotel Sedgemoor.

There are two hotels with high guest review ratings close to M5 junction J22 near Burnham on Sea:

Between Burnham and Taunton there are a few hotels in Bridgewater (J23-24). One of the best located hotels is The Walnut Tree Hotel close to Jct24. Here you can search hotels in and near Bridgwater.

The highest number of hotels on this section of M5 is directly in Taunton or close to junction 25, which is the exit to Taunton. The hotels closest to M5 J25 are:

Here you can search all hotels in and near Taunton.

There is also a hotel directly at Taunton Deane Service Station (south of J25): Days Inn Taunton.

Hotels on M5 Motorway near Exeter

The hotels with best access to M5 near Exeter are:

Search all hotels in and near Exeter

Search hotels in Exmouth (on the coast, 8 miles from M5 J30)

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