Male Srakane

Male Srakane (also called Klein Kanidol in the Austro-Hungarian times) is an island in the outside part of Kvarner Bay in the Croatian Adriatic Sea, not far to the west from the bigger and better known island of Losinj. The island of Male Srakane is located to the south of a similar and slightly bigger island, Vele Srakane. The Croatian name of the whole huge group of islands in this area is Kvarnerska Otocna Skupina.

Male Srakane Basic Info

Male Srakane is very small and its surface area is roughly one square kilometre. Like its bigger twin, Vele Srakane, it is hilly and has a lot of rocks and reefs around its coast. There is another little islet to the south-east of Male Srakane.

The number of inhabitants on Male Srakane reported in Croatian statistics is a mere 9 people. This number gets higher in the summer tourist season, but generally Male Srakane is a relatively remote and peaceful place.

Nevertheless, there is a church on the island, which is dedicated to Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Mass takes place here on rare occasions.


The main attraction to most people visiting Male Srakane is diving. There are two excellent diving locations just off its coast: Spilja Srakane (Cave Srakane) and Zid Srakane (Wall Srakane). Both should be accessible for a qualified diver. Both places are ideal locations for watching the underwater fauna and flora.

Spilja Srakane

Spilja or Cave Srakane is located in the south of the Male Srakane Island′s coast. The entrance to the cave itself is in the depth of 9 metres and it is accessible only by boat. Anchoring is possible at the entrance. The cave offers outstanding underwater visibility and various species of fish and underwater fauna.

Zid Srakane

Zid or Wall Srakane is situated to the west from Cave Srakane in the south-western section off the coast of Male Srakane Island. The access is also only with a boat, but anchoring is possible. The underwater vertical wall reaches as deep as 45 metres and is covered with rich flora of various colours.

Male Srakane Surroundings

Though they have very little population in these days and to large extent only limited to the summer season, both islands of Vele and Male Srakane were inhabited in the far history. Evidence of this fact, namely the remains of a castle from Bronze Age, can be seen on Vele Srakane. Both island have churches and above all, beautiful nature not disturbed by much civilization.

How to Get to Male Srakane

The twin islands of Vele Srakane and Male Srakane are located in the Kvarner Bay west of Losinj between the islands of Unije and Susak. Male Srakane is to the south of Vele Srakane.

The coordinates of Male Srakane are 44°33′52″N 14°19′57″E.

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