Where to Stay in Hluboká nad Vltavou

While most visitors only come for a few hours to see the famous castle, Hluboká nad Vltavou has plenty of other attractions and activites (see below on this page), which make it an increasingly popular destination for longer stays. That said, Hluboká is a small town (population of less than 5,000) and accommodation capacities are still quite limited.

Although Hluboká spreads across a huge area on both sides of the river, most parts are residential and virtually all the hotels and attractions are concentrated right under the castle and near the golf course. There is very little tourist infrastructure either further to the north or on the other (eastern) side of the river.

Hotels in Hluboká nad Vltavou

Hotel Štekl: Almost Castle

While you can’t stay directly in the castle, there is one hotel which gets as close to that as possible, in terms of both location and atmosphere. Hotel Štekl looks like a small castle itself. It is situated immediately by the entrance to the castle park (some visitors think it is part of the castle itself once they arrive, having just climbed the hill). Officially it is a 4 star hotel, but has a luxury feel to it. It is the most expensive hotel in Hluboká (unless you get a rare deal), but still very reasonably priced compared to similar hotels in Prague. You can find photos, reviews and current rates here.

Hotels in Hluboká Town Centre

There are several good and cheaper alternatives just under the castle hill at the small square next to the church:

Hotel Podhrad (its name means “under-castle”) is another landmark hotel, overlooking the square from the corner opposite the church. It has a good restaurant too.

Practically the same can be said of Záviš z Falkenštejna, located across the street from Podhrad in another corner of the square. It is named after Záviš of Falkenstein, a Czech nobleman who was executed in Hluboká in 1290.

For a traditional South Bohemian feel, try the small hotel KA.PR in Tyršova street less than 100 metres from the hotels above. “Kapr” means carp in Czech and you will recognise the building by a cute fish on the wall. The hotel has an excellent fish restaurant with a nice view of the golf course.

There are several other hotels near the golf course, many of them offering a more sports and wellness themed experience, across a range of prices from cheap to upmarket.

Booking in Hluboká

The town can get very busy, especially during the summer season, on weekends and around major holidays. Given the limited capacities, it is best to book well in advance (most hotels offer free cancellation up to one or a few days before arrival). You can search the hotels using the form below. Be careful with the locations – some hotels or B&B’s can be quite far away from the centre or even entirely out of town and might not be that convenient without a car.

Hluboká Map

The map below shows the centre of Hluboká. The green area in the upper part is the castle park, the one below is the golf course. The river flows on the eastern side of the castle. The sports complex is situated at the foot of the castle hill in the south-east, next to the river.

Why Stay in Hluboká: Attractions and Activities

Besides the castle there is a wonderful zoo, situated on the shore of a pond. There is also a golf course, tennis courts, a swimming pool and other sports facilities immediately under the castle hill (some of the country’s best athletes have repeatedly chosen Hluboká as a training site). Hluboká also offers numerous cycling routes, with the most popular going along the banks of the Vltava river to both sides (the one to České Budějovice is also popular with roller skaters). Besides local attractions, Hluboká is also a good place to stay for exploring the nearby city of České Budějovice for those who prefer to stay in the countryside.

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