Canary Islands

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Which Canary Island Is Best to Visit?

Which Canary Island to visit? Which is best if you have never been to any? Which has the best beaches? Best weather? Which is best for families / for nightlife / for surfing / for [more…]

Which Canary Island Has the Best Beaches?

Short answer: You can find beautiful beaches on each of them. But that is probably not the answer you are looking for. Fuerteventura is often being mentioned as the one with best beaches. Mainly on [more…]

Which Is the Hottest Canary Island?

This is a common question asked especially by those considering a visit to the Canary Islands in winter. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer, because… … the differences in climate or weather between different places [more…]

Which Are the Canary Islands?

The 7 Canary Islands The seven main islands of the Canaries are the following, ordered from north-east to south-west: Lanzarote – the one closest to Europe / first in the north-east; the one with the [more…]