Where to Stay in Tenerife

Short Answer: The South Is Best (for Most) By far the most popular area and the best place to stay for most visitors to Tenerife is the three resorts in the south – Los Cristianos, Playa de las Americas and Costa Adeje. They actually feel like one big town and [more…]

Visiting Mount Teide: Cable Car, Climbing, Permit & Tips

I am one of those people for whom a holiday in Tenerife would not be complete without a visit to the peak of Teide. Its colourful volcanic landscape and particularly the views continue to amaze me even on repeated visits. On this page I have tried to summarise all useful [more…]

Refugio Altavista on Mount Teide

Refugio Altavista on Mount Teide

Refugio Altavista (Altavista Refuge; alta means high or upper; vista means view in Spanish) is a simple refuge on Mount Teide, about 450 (vertical) metres below the peak. It is the only accommodation option available at such high altitude. You can stay there if you want to get to the [more…]

Loro Parque Review, Useful Info & Tips

Loro Parque Review, Useful Info & Tips

Loro Parque: El “must” de Canarias When I first arrived in Tenerife and saw the billboards and ads promoting Loro Parque all over the island, my first impression was that Loro Parque was just another tourist trap and over promoted attraction. Its tagline is El “must“ de Canarias, which in [more…]

Tenerife Introduction, Facts and Figures

Location Together with the neighbouring Gran Canaria, Tenerife forms the centre of the Canary Islands. Tenerife is located 60 km to the west-northwest of Gran Canaria. Nearby islands to the west of Tenerife are La Gomera (28 km) and La Palma (84 km). The coordinates of Tenerife are 28°16′ N [more…]

Mount Teide Facts (and Some Less Known Things)

Height The peak of Mount Teide is 3,718 metres (12,198 feet) above sea level. Therewith the Teide holds the following superlatives: The highest mountain in Tenerife. The highest mountain in the Canary Islands. The highest mountain in Spain (yes, it’s higher than anything in Sierra Nevada and the Pyrenees). The [more…]