České Budějovice Bus Station

Bus Station Location

České Budějovice bus station (“autobusové nádraží” in Czech) is located across the street from the train station, at the corner of Nádražní (Station Street) and Žižkova Street. From outside it looks like a shopping centre (which it is). The actual bus station is situated on the roof of the shopping centre.


Thanks to its redevelopment as a shopping centre the bus station has generous parking opportunities, with large underground parking (the entrance for cars is from the side street – Dvořákova).

Getting from the Bus Station to the Train Station

Although the train station is right across the street (Nádražní), there is a fence in the middle of the street and you will have to use the underpass. You can access the udnerpass either directly from the parking place under the bus station or via an escalator immediately in front of the station’s entrance at the corner of Žižkova and Nádražní. The underpass itself is fairly small and simple to navigate (just common sense will get you to the other side of the street).

Getting from the Bus Station to City Centre

The bus station is in the eastern part of České Budějovice’s greater city centre. It is close enough (10-15 minutes) to walk to the old town, but if you want to take public transport, the buses stop directly in front of the station (take number 1 or 3 and go one stop to Senovážné náměstí or two stops to Na Sadech).

If you want to walk, cross Žižkova Street and continue through Dvořákova up to the end. Then turn left into what seems like a broad pedestrain boulevard – Lannova Avenue. Walk down this street up to the end (5-8 minutes). You will pass a McDonald’s on your left after about 2 minutes and a large department store (Prior) with a small parking place soon after. At the end of Lannova, you will have to cross a busy street at the edge of Senovážné náměstí (a square) – there are traffic lights. Then continue straight ahead in the same direction. You are now in the old town and the street’s name is Kanovnická. After two blocks you will see the cathedral and the Black Tower on your right and you will arrive in the north-eastern corner of the main square, Náměstí Přemysla Otakara II. The blue/grey city hall is in the opposite corner.

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