České Budějovice Train Station

Train Station Location

The main train station in České Budějovice is located in the eastern part of the city centre, at the end of Lannova Avenue (Lannova Třída), the main shopping street which links the station with the old town and the main square. Locals and Czech language materials refer to it as “Nádraží”, which means simply “Station”, as there are no other actual railway stations in the city (there are just a few small train stops).

The station is the main public transport hub for both local and long distance trains and buses. The bus station (Autobusové Nádraží) is located across the street on the roof of Mercury Shopping Centre. Local city buses stop directly in the main street (Nádražní – Station Street).

České Budějovice Train Connections

Trains go in 5 main directions from České Budějovice:

The services to Prague are most frequent and fastest (about 2.5 hours). The services to Brno, Plzeň and Linz are less frequent, but still reasonable. The services to Český Krumlov and České Velenice are even less frequent and very slow (although if you have time you can enjoy the beautiful South Bohemian countryside).

Getting from the Train Station to Main Square

When you get out of the historical train station building, you will have to cross the big street (Nádražní Street – Station Street), either using an underpass or traffic lights located about 50-100 metres to the right. Then continue down the big street which begins immediately after the traffic lights – this is Lannova Avenue and it’s mostly pedestrian. A good milestone to make sure you are going the right way is McDonald’s, which will appear on your left approximately halfway down Lannova Avenue.

At the end of this avenue, after about 5-10 minutes of walking, there will be other traffic lights where you will cross another busy street (Na Sadech) at the edge of Senovážné náměstí (a big square but not the main historical one you are looking for). After crossing the street, just continue in the same direction as you came. You are already in the old town (previously within the city walls) and the street’s name is Kanovnická. You will come to the main square after 3-5 minutes. There will also be the Black Tower (Černá Věž) and České Budějovice Cathedral on the right.

Alternatively, you can take public transport, but unless you have a lot to carry, walking is much better and usually faster, because public transport does not go inside the old town and it will only take you to Senovážné náměstí (about 2/3 of the route).

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