Hotels on M23 Motorway

This page covers hotels on M23 Motorway in England (London/M25 – Gatwick Airport – Crawley). Below I list the hotels with best access to the M23, ordered from north (M25) to south (Crawley). All hotels are accessible from both directions (southbound and northbound), unless stated otherwise.

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The M23 starts south of Hooley, 2 miles before the crossing with M25 (London Orbital). Traffic is brought here from Central London via Brixton and Croydon as A23. The A23 road continues south parallel to the M23 motorway. The motorway is only 17 miles / 27 km long, but often has heavy traffic. After the end of M23 the road A23 continues all the way to Brighton.

Most accommodation options along the M23 motorway are concentrated near Gatwick Airport (junction 9) and near Crawley (junctions 10, 10A, 11).

Hotels on M23 near M25

Junction 7 (Start of M23)

The place where the M23 motorway starts by splitting from the A23 road is officially marked as junction 7. There is not much directly in that place and no accommodation options nearby. If you are coming from Central London, the most conveniently located and highly rated hotel on the A23 before the start of M23 is Hazel Residence in Purley next to the A22/A23 junction. It has free parking and free WiFi.

Junction 8 (M23/M25)

The M23/M25 interchange is marked as junction 8 on the M23 and junction 7 on the M25. It is one of the biggest motorway interchanges in the UK and has no access to smaller local roads and therefore no accommodation options directly off this junction.

If you are coming from, or going to, the west on the M25 (M3, M4), there is a very cheap hotel just off M25 junction 8 – Bridge House Hotel, with free parking, free WiFi and 24h reception.

If you are coming from, or going to, the east on the M25 (M20, Dartford, M11), there are no hotels immediately next to M25 junction 6, but there is one at M25 Clackett Lane Services (westbound access only) – Days Inn Sevenoaks - Clackett Lane.

Hotels on M23 near Gatwick Airport

Junction 9 (Gatwick Airport)

London Gatwick Airport is just a mile from M23 junction 9, connected with a motorway spur. There are of course many hotels and places to stay in close proximity to the airport. Some are priced with an airport premium, although you will also find cheaper ones.

The hotel closest to M23 is Courtyard by Marriott London Gatwick Airport, situated next to the roundabout where the motorway spur ends. It is not the cheapest, but offers the high Courtyard by Marriott standard and excellent location, which is also within walking distance to Gatwick Airport railway station and the South Terminal.

There are two more hotels in this area, which is the closest to M23 and the train station: Hilton London Gatwick Airport and Bloc Hotel Gatwick. The latter is usually the cheapest of all three by a wide margin.

Another relatively cheaper hotel still quite close to the M23 is Premier Inn London Gatwick Airport, located directly on the main road (Airport Way) in front of the North Terminal, a mile from the motorway spur end and 2 miles from the M23 itself.

Besides the hotels listed above, there are at least 20 others within 2-3 miles from the airport. Search all Gatwick hotels here.

Hotels on M23 near Crawley

Junction 10 (Crawley North, Copthorne)

The hotel closest to J10 and a bit cheaper than most near the airport is Copthorne Hotel London Gatwick. It is situated off the next roundabout on the main road going from J10 to Copthorne.

The most conveniently located hotel on the other side (to Crawley) is Sandman Signature London Gatwick (formerly Ramada Plaza), about a mile from J10 at the north-eastern edge of Crawley, next to Hazelwick School.

There are many accommodation options in Crawley, whose town centre is 2 miles from either J10, J10A and J11.

Junction 10A (Crawley-Maidenbower)

Junction 10A only has southbound exit and northbound entry – no access from or to the south (you can use either J10 or J11 which are 2-3 miles away via Crawley). There is one very cheap hotel just off J10A – Europa Gatwick Hotel & Spa.

Junction 11 (Crawley South, End of M23)

The M23 motorway ends at junction 11 just south of Crawley. The only service station on the M23 is also located here – Pease Pottage services, with BP petrol station, M&S, Burger King and Costa, but no hotel directly at the premises.

The hotel closest to junction 11 is Cottesmore Hotel Golf & Country Club about 1km away, with beautiful green surroundings and extensive sport and fitness facilities, including an indoor pool, spa, gym and golf course. Unlike most other hotels in the area this one has free parking.

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