Hotels on M48 Motorway

M48 motorway is only 12 miles (19 km) long and connects England and Wales over the older Severn Bridge. Originally, this motorway was a section of M4, which was then redirected after the Second Severn Crossing was built. M48 is also the main connection to Chepstow and the Wye Valley.

Hotels on M48 Motorway

Besides the start and end, there are only two junctions on M48, each on one side of the Severn. There are several hotels off M48 junction J2 in Chepstow and the Wye Valley.

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Hotels near M48 in Bristol, Almondsbury

More hotels of course are available in and around Bristol – some of them not far from the M4/M5 and M4/M48 junctions. Several hotels with good access to the motorways are located in Almondsbury (M5 J16).

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Hotels near M48 and M4 in Wales

Here you can find more information about hotels on M4 motorway near Newport (a few miles after M48 and M4 merge again).

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