Domazlice – Basic Information

Domazlice is a town in the Plzen Region, located 50 km to the south from Plzen (Pilsen), close to the Czech-German border. It is also known by its German name Taus. The population of Domazlice is about 11,000.

The Capital of Chodsko

Domazlice is a beautiful historical town with several monuments (the town centre was declared a protected area). It is the capital of Chodsko, a specific region with unique history and traditions. Its inhabitants – Chodove (the Chods, or literally the Walkers) – were free farmers with significant privileges granted by the King, in exchange for protecting the border of the kingdom – this arrangement lasted for almost 4 centuries (from the 14th to the 17th).

Every year, there is a festival in Domazlice, dedicated to the heritage of Chodsko. It takes place in August and its Czech name is Chodske Slavnosti.

Major Squares and Streets in Domazlice

The main square in the centre of Domazlice is Namesti Miru (Peace Square), which actually looks more like a long boulevard. Domazlice is a small town and therefore the majority of important buildings are situated directly at the main square or very close. Adjacent to Namesti Miru there is another square – Chodske Namesti and the remaining parts of Chodsky Hrad (Chodsko Castle), especially the tower and the Museum of Chodsko, which you can visit.

Major streets in Domazlice include 28. Rijna, U Nemocnice, Komenskeho, Podebradova, Husova, Masarykova, Havlickova, Benesova, Jiraskova, Kozinova, and Prokopa Velikeho.

Streets Named after Persons from Domazlice History

The last three streets mentioned above are named after people directly connected with the history of the town:

  • Jan Sladky Kozina was legendary hero of the Chods’ uprising of 1695 (after a local ruler took their privileges from them).
  • Alois Jirasek was a famous Czech writer of historical novels who documented the history of the Chods and the uprising in Psohlavci (The Dogheads – because the Chods were typically accompanied by dogs when patrolling the border).
  • Prokop Veliky (Prokop the Great; also known as Prokop Holy – Prokop the Shaven) was a famous leader of Hussite forces who successfully defended Domazlice and beat the army of crusaders in the Battle of Domazlice of 1431 (part of the Hussite Wars).

Getting to Domazlice & Transportation Info

Domazlice is located close to the busy Czech-German border crossing Folmava / Furth im Wald – main road number 26 from Plzen.

International express trains from Prague to Munich stop in Domazlice, which is a regional railway junction. Travel time by the fastest trains is about 45 minutes from Plzen, or a little over 2.5 hours from Prague.

There are also frequent bus services between Plzen and Domazlice (travel time 1 hour 20 minutes).

The postal code of Domazlice is 344 01.