Plac Defilad

Plac Defilad is a square next to the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw city centre. Although it may not look like that at the square itself (it feels quite disorganised), the area around Plac Defiland is the centre of modern Warsaw, with several high-rise commercial buildings around.

The name Plac Defilad means Parade Square. The square was built in the 1950’s, at the same time as the Palace of Culture and Science. To the locals, the square was known as the venue of various official events during the communist era of Poland.

How to Get to Plac Defilad

The area around Plac Defilad is the main public transport hub in Warsaw.

The Central Train Station (Dworzec Centralny) is located on the other side of the Palace of Culture and Science.

There are two metro stops, each near one end of Plac Defilad:

There is also a very busy tram junction at Centrum Station, at the intersection of Aleje Jerozolimskie and Marszalkowska Street.

Hotels near Plac Defilad

Thanks to its central location and the best public transport connections in the city, the area around Plac Defilad is probably the most popular place to stay in Warsaw. There are many hotels in all price and quality categories.

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