Warsaw Centralna Bus Station

As you have probably guessed, Centralna means central in Polish, but this bus station is actually not the main bus station for Warsaw. This is a bus station situated at Warsaw Central train station, hence the name.

Bus Services at Warsaw Centralna

Warsaw Centralna bus station is primarily designed for local buses. There are numerous local bus lines. Centralna is also one of the most important junctions for night buses.

One of the bus lines from Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW), namely number 175, also goes to Centralna (and Plac Zamkowy – Castle Square).

Some buses operated by Polish Railways (PKP) and other train companies, including rail replacement services, may also call at Centralna.

Warsaw Main Bus Station: Zachodnia

The main bus station in Warsaw for most international and domestic long-distance buses is Zachodnia, which means West. Buses operated by major companies such as Eurolines, Ecolines or Simple Express use this station.

Getting from Centralna to Zachodnia

The connection between Centralna and Zachodnia is very frequent, fast and convenient. They are two of Warsaw’s three biggest train stations and as such have excellent connection by train.

Besides, both stations are situated at Warsaw’s most important street, Aleje Jerozolimskie. They are not that far away from one another, so some people would actually choose to walk (it takes about 20 minutes), but there are also numerous local bus lines. Note that the trams which you may see in front of Centralna station going in that direction do not go to Zachodnia – they will turn away from the main street at Plac Zawiszy, the next big junction.

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