Aquapalace Prague

Only a few kilometres from Prague on the highway to Brno there is an amazingly huge aquapark which offers a wide scale of services and amusement. Aquapalace Praha was opened in 2008 as the biggest aquapark in the Czech Republic.

The aquapark hosts several swimming pools and water attractions, Sauna World with a range of various sauna services, fitness and wellness services, and numerous restaurants. It is exactly a place where you can take your family for the whole day on weekend and everybody will find something worth spending time on.

Swimming Pools and Water Attractions

The water world area is divided in three “palaces” plus an outside section. Palace of Relax, as its name suggests is for people seeking a rest, which does not necessarily mean just lying somewhere. There is a 19 metre swimming pool, whirlpools, or massage benches. Or you can just relax on the Relaxation Terrace.

Palace of Treasures is something the children would definitely enjoy. They can explore a pirate ship wreck and a number of other water attractions.

Palace of Adventure includes several toboggans with length up to 140 metres, steep slides, or a spacebowl. There is also a water cave where you can sit on whirling benches.

The Outdoor Zone is connected with the Palace of Adventure by the Wild River, so you can easily swim through. However, the Outdoor Zone is closed in winter and on days with unfavourable weather conditions (low temperature, wind, rain).

In Aquapalace there are also aquariums with small coloured fish and three sharks. They are built in and you can feel you are swimming with the sharks.

Swimming Courses and Diving Lessons

Aquapalace Praha offers various swimming courses for pregnant women, mothers with babies, or school children. The courses are run by instructors specialized in these target groups.

A unique attraction is the 8 metres deep diving pit. You can order a diving lesson there under supervision of an experienced instructor. Reservation is needed for the diving pit.

Sauna World

The vast sauna area of the Aquapalace offers various types of sauna including Finnish saunas, Roman spa, or outdoor sauna. You can take part in a special procedure in the Finnish sauna, when the sauna operator uses hot stones and aromatic substances. There is also the Sauna Bar adjacent to the saunas.

Fitness and Wellness

Aquapalace includes a well equipped fitness and wellness area with a gym, aerobic centre, spinning, or cardio zone. Various courses are run by experienced instructors.

Aquapalace Hotel Praha

The 4 star Aquapalace Hotel Praha is part of the Aquapalace area and offers a direct access to the aquapark. It hosts a modern conference centre with a capacity of up to 650 people.

Aquapalace Prague Opening Hours

Aquapalace is open daily from 10 am to 10 pm (water world and sauna world close at 9:45 pm). People are not allowed in the aquapark after one hour prior to closing time.

Getting to Aquapalace Prague

Aquapalace Praha is located in the commercial zone Pruhonice-Cestlice few kilometres from Prague. From Prague city centre take the highway to Brno (D1 or E50) and exit it on Exit 6 (Pruhonice). Aquapalace has free high capacity parking facilities including parking for buses.

There is a free shuttle bus service called Aquabus between the metro station Opatov (line C) and the aquapark. You only need to submit a receipt from the aquapark or a guest card from the hotel. Besides Aquabus there are numerous regular public transport bus lines from Opatov (you need a regular public transport ticket for these).

More Information

For more information including details about the services and prices, visit the official website of Aquapalace Praha.

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