Getting from Florenc Bus Station to Prague Airport

This page provides directions and compares travel options from Prague central bus station Florenc to Prague International Airport (Vaclav Havel, PRG). Connections, times and prices are valid as in 2018.

Three Options and Which Is Best

There are three main options for travelling between Florenc bus station and Ruzyne Airport by public transport:

  • Metro B to Zlicin and bus 100 to airport
  • Metro B to Mustek, metro A to Nadrazi Veleslavin, and bus 119 to airport
  • Metro C to main train station and bus AE (Airport Express)

The first two options are very similar in terms of both travel time (45-50 minutes) and price. The standard 90 minutes single public transport ticket (32 CZK) is valid for the entire journey.

The third option (Airport Express) is only slightly faster (40 minutes), but more expensive (60 CZK one way for the Express, plus 30 minutes standard ticket for 24 CZK to get from Florenc to main train station).

Let’s see each option in more detail.

Florenc to Airport by Bus 100

Of the two cheaper options, this one is easier to navigate, as it only requires one change. Take metro B to Zlicin, which is the terminus. When you exit the metro at Zlicin, follow the signs for bus 100 to airport. The buses go every 15 minutes during the day (5:30am to midnight), but not at night.

Florenc to Airport by Bus 119

This option requires two changes, but they are not difficult to navigate. First you take metro B also in direction to Zlicin, but you get off after two stops at Mustek, where you change to to metro A in direction to Nemocnice Motol. Exit metro A after five stops at Nadrazi Veleslavin. At Veleslavin, follow signs to bus 119 to airport. The advantage of this option is that bus 119 has shorter intervals than bus 100 (typically every 7-8 minutes during the day).

Airport Express

The third option may be easiest to navigate, as it is clearly intended for tourists going from city centre to the airport, which is also reflected in the higher price. First you need to get from Florenc bus station to the main train station, which is one stop by metro line C. You need to buy a standard public transport ticket for this short ride – the cheapest one for 30 minutes / 24 CZK is enough. At the train station, follow signs to bus AE / Airport Express. This bus goes every 30 minutes from 5:30am to 10pm and costs 60 CZK one way.

Florenc to Airport at Night

Because the earliest possible arrival at the airport is after 5:30am with any of the above listed options, you may need to take a combination of night tram and bus to catch an early morning flight. Take tram 92 to Karlovo namesti and then bus number 910 which takes you to the airport. Alternatively, take tram 92 to Namesti Republiky, then tram 91 to Divoka Sarka, and then bus 910 to the airport. The second option has two changes, but it is usually a bit faster. Expect travel time between one and one and half hours, as the intervals between trams and buses are much longer at night.


While a good alternative at night, taxi is not really worth the higher price during the day if you go directly from Florenc station to the airport, because the time saving would be negligible.

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