Holešovice Market

Holešovice Market (Holešovická Tržnice) is not something most visitors would expect in a city like Prague. Originally a cattle market and cattle slaughter grounds (1895-1983), nowadays the market is a combination of small traders, including Asians selling clothes and small household goods and local farmers selling their production, but also some big company stores, such as Alza, the Czech Republic’s leading computer hardware and electronics retailer.

It is not just the shopping though. There are numerous food stalls and restaurants, as well as one of Prague’s most popular music clubs SaSaZu. Many visitors also come to Holešovice Markets purely for the atmosphere and architecture – a different kind of history than the one you see in the Old Town.

Location and Directions

Holešovice Market is located in the district of Holešovice in the northern part of Prague’s greater city centre. On a map you will recognise it as the place where the Vltava river starts to make its big curve. It is actually quite close to the historical centre, although the location across the river makes it seem further away than it really is.

The nearest metro station is Vltavská (line C, 1 stop from Florenc, 2 stops from central train station, 3 stops from Wenceslas Square), but there are also very frequent tram services from various parts of Prague. From Vltavská metro station it is one tram stop, but close enough to walk.

Opening Hours

The market is open Monday to Saturday from 7am to 8pm. On Saturdays the range of goods is usually expanded and the market can also get more crowded.

Hotels near Holešovice Market

There are many hotels in Holešovice district, which is inside the river’s curve when you’re looking at a map. Even greater number of hotels are situated in the streets around Florenc station, just across the river from Holešovice Market. Both Holešovice and Florenc are known as districts with plenty of cheap accommodation options, including hostels, but higher end of the range is also represented here. Directly opposite Holešovice Market on the Florenc side of the river there is Hilton Prague Hotel, known as the hotel of choice for many VIP’s, including US Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

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