Kobylisy Metro Station

Kobylisy Station is one of the most important public transport hubs in the northern part of Prague. It is the interchange of the metro (line C), trams (to four directions: Holesovice, Palmovka, Dablice, and Vozovna Kobylisy), local buses (especially buses to the densely populated Bohnice district), and regional buses to small towns and villages located to the north of Prague. Neighbouring stations on metro line C are Nadrazi Holesovice and Ladvi.

Kobylisy is one of the newer metro stations in Prague – it was opened together with Ladvi Station on 26 June 2004. It is also relatively deep and has one of the longest escalators in Prague metro network.

Kobylisy Station Location

Kobylisy Metro Station is situated between Kobyliske Namesti (the main square of Kobylisy district, which in fact is just a big junction) and Klapkova Street (the street with trams). Most of the bus stops are located in front of the main metro entrance (on the picture) in Pod Sidlistem Street.

Interesting Places near Kobylisy Metro Station

Kobylisy is outside the best known tourist areas in Prague, but there are a few interesting places nearby. There are several parks and natural reserves (e.g. Dablice Forest, Cimicky Haj, or Havranka). A bit further between Bohnice and Troja districts there is Prague Botanical Garden with its famous Fata Morgana Greenhouse. Next to the bottom entrance to Botanical Garden there is Prague Zoo and Troja Castle. On the Vltava River between Kobylisy and Holesovice there is the world-class Troja Canoe Slalom Canal.

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