Letnany Metro Station

Letnany is the terminus of Prague metro line C and a big local and regional bus station in the northern part of Prague. It is located in Letnany district, next to the junction of Tupolevova, Beladova, and Prosecka streets, and close to two small airports – Letnany Airport and Kbely Airport.

The metro station is among the newest in Prague – it was opened in 2008 together with two other nearby stations, Prosek and Strizkov. Letnany Station is 7 stops from Florenc and 9 stops from Wenceslas Square (Muzeum). Travel time from the city centre is about 15 minutes.

Metro Service at Letnany Station

Line C is the busiest of Prague metro lines, as it connects the city centre with densely populated districts both in the north and in the south. Intervals between trains are 2 minutes during the peak (and sometimes shorter). Off peak intervals are up to 10 minutes, depending on time of day. Prague metro operates daily from 5 am to midnight.

Note that some trains coming from the city centre terminate at Ladvi Station (the past terminus of line C, 3 stops short of Letnany).

Letnany Bus Station

When Letnany Metro Station was opened, big part of bus traffic from nearby hubs was redirected here. Letnany Bus Station is now the terminus or a stop on numerous bus lines connecting Prague with its suburbs and nearby towns in the north, including for example Vinor or the twin town Brandys nad Labem – Stara Boleslav.

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