Opatov Metro Station

Opatov is the penultimate station on the southern end of Prague metro line C, between Chodov and Haje. It is located in Opatov area, which is part of Jizni Mesto (South Town), the densely populated residential district that occupies big part of the south-eastern end of Prague.

Opatov Station is situated in Chilska Street, between exit 2 of highway D1 (Prague-Brno) and Litochlebske Namesti. The street (and bus stops) is one level above the ground, passenger pathways are on the ground level, and the platforms and tracks are underground.

Metro Service

The metro operates every day from early morning (about 5 am) to midnight. Intervals between trains on line C range from below 2 minutes during the peak to 10 minutes late in the evening and on weekends. Travel time between the city centre and Opatov is 15-20 minutes.

Some trains from the city centre only go to Kacerov Station (the old terminus, 3 stops before Opatov). In such case the next train almost always goes all the way to Opatov and Haje.

Buses from Opatov Station

There are many bus lines that stop in Opatov. They connect the metro with various places in nearby districts, including Seberov, Chodov, or Hostivar.

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