Prazskeho Povstani Metro Station

Prazkeho Povstani Station is located in Pankrac district, on a small hill just south of Prague inner city (it is on the other side of the big Nusle Bridge). The metro entrance is at the corner of two big streets: Na Pankraci and Dekanska Vinice. There is a square adjacent to the station and the junction of the two streets, named Namesti Hrdinu (Heroes Square). Both the square and the metro station’s name commemorate the heroes of Prague Uprising at the end of World War II (Prazske Povstani in Czech).

Remarkable Places near Prazskeho Povstani

The place is mainly known as the location of Prague Supreme Court (Vrchni Soud v Praze) and Pankrac Prison (Vazebni Veznice Praha Pankrac). Not far from Prazskeho Povstani Station there are also the headquarters of Czech Public TV (Ceska Televize) at Kavci Hory.

Metro Service at Prazskeho Povstani

Prazskeho Povstani Metro Station is on line C, only 3 stops, or 5 minutes by metro, from Muzeum Station (Wenceslas Square). Neighbouring stations are Vysehrad and Pankrac.

Trains go every 2 minutes during peak, about every 4 minutes for most other parts of the day, and up to every 10 minutes late in the evening. The metro operates daily from 5 am to midnight.

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