How to Get from Victoria Station to Trafalgar Square

Victoria station is the most important coach (bus) hub in London. Most international and long distance UK coaches arrive here, as do many airport shuttle buses and trains (Gatwick Express). Trafalgar Square as a popular tourist hotspot doesn’t need an introduction.

How to Get from Victoria Station to Trafalgar Square?

The distance between Victoria station and Trafalgar Square is only 1.2 miles (2km) and there are some attractive places to see on the way (Buckingham Palace or Westminster Abbey and Big Ben, depending on the route), so unless you have luggage or are in a rush it might not be a bad idea to walk. Otherwise there are good public transport links.

Getting from Victoria Station to Trafalgar Square by Tube

The fastest way is to take the District or Circle line (both lines are using the same platforms and tracks in this section) 3 stops to Embankment station. When you exit the tube at Embankment, you are (as the name suggest) by the river very close to Trafalgar Square and next to Charing Cross railway station. Just take the small and upward sloping street (Villiers Street) that you will see immediately when exiting the tube. At the end of this street, after about 3 minutes, you will get to a big street with buses (Strand) and you will see McDonald’s on the right side. Turn left and you will see the big street immediately splitting in two (one in each direction). Regardless of which one you take, you will arrive at Trafalgar Square in 2 minutes.

Getting from Victoria Station to Trafalgar Square by Bus

Direct buses from Victoria station to Trafalgar Square go through Victoria Street and Whitehall and pass many attractive places in a short period of time, including Westminster Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, Horse Guards and Downing Street. If you are in London for sightseeing, the bus may be a more attractive option than the tube, while the time difference is negligible. The bus also takes you directly to Trafalgar Square without having to walk from the tube station. Bus numbers which go directly from Victoria station to Trafalgar Square include the 11 and the 24.

Walking from Victoria Station to Trafalgar Square

If you want to walk, there are two alternatives. One is exactly the same as the bus route above. The other is to walk up Buckingham Palace Road (the main street passing Victoria Station), which will take you to (surprise) Buckingham Palace. From there you can continue either through St. James’s Park or The Mall (the “red” street between Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square). Total distance of this walk is about 1.2 miles or 2km.

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