Zlicin Metro Station

Zlicin is the south-western terminus of Prague metro line B (the yellow line). It is located in Zlicin district, close to the big highway junction where the highway D5 (to Plzen and Bavaria) starts.

Metro Service to Zlicin

Prague metro generally operates daily from early morning (about 5 am) to midnight. Intervals between trains are very short (from 2-3 minutes) during the peak and up to 10 minutes late in the evening and on weekends.

Note that some trains going the Zlicin direction terminate earlier (usually at Nove Butovice and sometimes at Smichovske Nadrazi). Wait for the next train if that is the case. The penultimate station before Zlicin is Stodulky.

Zlicin Bus Station

There is a bus station immediately next to Zlicin Metro Station. Destinations include Plzen (by Student Agency), Prague Airport (bus number 100), and various nearby districts, villages, and towns.

Zlicin Shopping Area

Around the metro station there is one of the largest shopping areas in Prague that includes several shopping centres and specialty stores.

The shops are on both sides of the main road to Plzen.

  • In the north (next to Zlicin Metro Station) there is Metropole Zlicin that includes Cinema City and Interspar.
  • In the south there is Avion Shopping Park with Tesco and IKEA.
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